2 Feb update


Translated Events




  • 2 Feb: (IV) The Blue Planet
  • 5 Feb: (IV) The Blue Planet: Bonus Battles
  • 9 Feb: (I) Dawn of A Legend
  • 12 Feb: (I) Dawn of A Legend: Bonus Battles
  • 14 Feb: Dungeon Update 29: VIII, XI, XII
  • 16 Feb: (VIII) Cutting Winds, Soaring Lightning
  • 19 Feb: (VIII) Cutting Winds, Soaring Lightning: Bonus Battles
  • 21 Feb: Nightmare Omega Drive
  • 23 Feb: (XII) Blood Reign
  • 26 Feb: (XII) Blood Reign: Bonus Battles
  • 2 Mar: (VII) Vow Upon A Star
  • 5 Mar: (VII) Vow Upon A Star: Bonus Battles
  • 9 Mar: (XIII) Of Lies and Love
  • 12 Mar: (XIII) Of Lies and Love: Bonus Battles

New Abilities


Raging Storm


  • Multiplayer (New text added):
    • * Please note that the connection will be lost if the device enters sleep mode.
    • * Links to the Official Strategy Site.
      * The Raid Party Message Board is only available in English, but posts can be made in any language.
    • New stamps:
    • New Room Conditions:

Relic Draws

The following texts were updated to the game codes:

  • Use free 11x Relic Draw?
  • Use this Relic Draw for free?


… and other 2nd anniversary images

  • although the above shows that the new set of dailies are untranslated, the following was found in the in-game codes:

<h1 class=”c-ttl-section mb-b”>Thursday</h1>\n <dl>\n <dt class=”pl-b4″>\n <ul>\n <li>Power and White Orbs</li>\n <li>(FINAL FANTASY III)</li>\n \n ‘, FF.env.isWWRegion() || (__p += “\n <li>Gysahl Greens</li>\n <li>(FINAL FANTASY IX)</li>


Updated: February 2, 2017 — 2:02 pm


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  1. It’s my birthday! c’mon something good…

    1. Ehhhhhh Who cares…

      1. apparently you care enough to reply

        1. Ya. F that dude. I would say fuck, but probably would be filtered out.

  2. Oh I was wondering what was those maintenances for when they don’t annunce new content, but I never made the link with the fact that events start without maintenance, because they actually are all programmed on that maintenance.

  3. Thursdaily makes sense as to why this is on a Thursday

  4. I still fell worried for the game… I still remember FFAirbon Brigadier ended at 10 days from seccond anyversary on global… And we get just enough tp get close to 10 days again in ffrk and not help the global dena close too…

    Lets hope we have it a few years more

    1. I’m still trying to understand you

      1. He’s saying there was some game called FF Airborne Brigadier that shut down 10 days before the second anniversary. And with this update the content stretches out to about 10 days before our own second anniversary. So he’s worried FFRK will unexpectedly shut down.

        1. This exactly that cpp say

  5. Why doesnt it say what the ability does? Or am i missing it?

  6. Summon Orbs on Thursdays? Squee!

  7. Is a translation still needed?

    I can do it if it nobody has translated the JP banners yet

    1. I believe that they wait for the officially translated banners to become available. Those images come from direct links out of DENA’s database.

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