22/4 Update – New Dungeons New Abilities New Soulbreak Weapons

New Dungeons are here! As predicted, we can now safely assume that weekly updates will happen on Wednesday Mornings (Tue Night for some)

Update 1 – New Dungeons


New Dungeons are up! I haven’t played them yet but there should be 28 new Normal Dungeons (and its elite counterpart) for players to acquire new characters and farm new 2* items.

I’ll be working on putting the guide up real quick. For people who are attempting the Elite version, the weakness should remain the same. The only thing that changes are usually the HP and damage.


Update 2 – New Soul Break Weapons



The Soul Break Weapons for Kain, Rydia and Wakka is finally here! Together with Cloud’s Buster Sword, players will get a higher chance in getting them in this week’s Premium Relic Draw.


Update 3 – New Abilities

New Abilities are added to the game! (Go to Abilities page to see Multiplier)


Firga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Bio, Biora, Dark, Death, Flare


Esuna, Hold, Dia, Reflect, Curaja, Holy


Cripple, Cry, Silence Buster, Wind Slash, Leg Shot, Barrage, Entrust, Dark Buster


Aero Strike, Retaliate, Shuriken, Flare Strike

Updated: April 22, 2015 — 9:59 am

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