Mist Cave

Mist Cave
 ffrk_ff4map_mistcave Stage Stamina Rounds EXP
Mist Cave – Entrance  2  3  300
Mist Cave – Waypoint  2  3  300
Mist Cave – Exit  2  3  261
Boss Weakness  Dark
Boss Absorb  Holy
Boss Resist  Earth
Boss Immune Blind, KO, Shell, Regen, Confuse, Silence, Poison, Haste, Paralyze, Reflect, Slow, Petrify, Stop, Doom, Sleep, Protect
Special Boss Clear Condition Defeat the Mist Dragon without having any attacks countered.

Exploit the Mist Dragon’s weakness to dark attacks.

Unlock Dungeon  Underground Waterway
Master Clear Unlock Dungeon  Mist Cave (Elite)
Clear Reward  700 Gil
Master Reward  Minor Holy Orb x5, Stamina Shard x 1
First Clear Reward  Kain, Mythril x 1

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