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Multiplier values that you here see are taken from the following spreadsheet:

HUGE thanks to Elninofr for letting us share his wonderful work!!

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Ability Rank Multiplier Effect Single/All Craft/Hone? Comments
Requiem ★★ 4.2 Damage, MAG-based Single Situational Not a great skill, but if you’re running a Bard for buffs you may not have much else to use.
Lullaby ★★ Small chance to Sleep enemies. All Situational AoE sleep, even at a small chance, could be very useful in some fights.
Rallying Etude ★★★ Buffs ATK by 15% All Situational Not a huge buff, but if you’re a pure physical party it’s worth considering.
Mana’s Paean ★★★ Buffs MAG by 15% All If you run multiple black mages in the party, this is an amazing skill.
Spellbend Etude ★★★★ Shellga All Situational If you use a bard often, this is a possible replacement to Shellga.
Strong DEF Etude ★★★★ Protectga All Unreleased

Black Magic

Ability Rank Multiplier Effect Single/All Craft/Hone? Comments
Fire 1.5 Fire damage Single Situational Outclassed very quickly, you may not need to ever hone them.
Blizzard 1.5 Ice damage Single Situational
Thunder 1.5 Lightning damage Single Situational
Water 1.5 Water damage Single Situational
Fira ★★ 2.9 Fire damage Single Yes Useful for a fairly long time, and on Magic Heavy stages.
Blizzara ★★ 2.9 Ice damage Single Yes
Thundara ★★ 2.9 Lightning damage Single Yes
Watera ★★ 2.9 Water damage Single Yes
Bio ★★ 2.8 Poison damage; 1% chance to Poison Single Situational By the time you need Poison element, you’ll likely have Biora.
Ruin ★★ 3 Non-Elemental damage All Unreleased
Fireball ★★ 2 Fire damage All Unreleased
Snowball ★★ 2 Ice damage All Unreleased
Thunderstorm ★★ 2 Lightning damage All Unreleased
Rainstorm ★★ 2 Water damage All Unreleased
Firaga ★★★ 4.9 Fire damage Single Yes Incredibly useful, very strong.
Blizzaga ★★★ 4.9 Ice damage Single Yes
Thundaga ★★★ 4.9 Lightning damage Single Yes
Waterga ★★★ 4.9 Water damage Single Yes
Biora ★★★ 4.8 Poison damage; 1% chance to Poison Single Yes Not a lot of Poison Weak enemies, but this does good damage to them.
Dark ★★★ 5 Dark damage Single No Too few Dark-weak enemies.
Gravity ★★★ 50% of target’s current HP Single Situational Respects the damage cap, but doesn’t need a MAG stat.
Comet ★★★ 5.1 Non-Elemental damage Single Situational A strong Non-Elemental attack, but lots of other good BlM Spells.
Drain ★★★ 4.5 Dark damage; Heal for 30% of damage dealt Single Situational Useful, but there’s a lot of other good BlM Spells.
Firaja ★★★★ 9 Fire damage Single Yes Huge damage, often hit the Damage Cap.
Blizzaja ★★★★ 9 Ice damage Single Yes
Thundaja ★★★★ 9 Lightning damage Single Yes
Waterja ★★★★ 9 Water damage Single Yes
Bioga ★★★★ 8.8 Poison damage; 1% chance to Poison Single Yes Slightly less damage than the -ja spells, but a small chance to poison and rarely resisted.
Darkra ★★★★ 9 Dark damage Single Unreleased
Quake ★★★★ 5.6 Earth damage All Situational Was amazing, but is outclassed in every way by Ruinga.
Ruinga ★★★★ 5.9 Non-Elemental damage All Yes Though unreleased, it will be very powerful, and cannot be resisted.
Drainga ★★★★ 7 Dark damage; Heal for 30% of damage dealt Single Unreleased
Flare ★★★★★ 12 Non-Elemental damage Single No You can hit the cap with 4* spells, and this is only single target.
Meteor ★★★★★ 9 Non-Elemental damage  All Yes Very strong and AoE, worth honing eventually.
Sleep 30% chance to Sleep enemy Single Situational Useful if you can’t craft or use the improved versions.
Poison 30% chance to Poison enemy Single Situational
Confuse 30% chance to Confuse enemy Single Situational
Blind 30% chance to Blind enemy Single Situational
Stop ★★★ 70% chance to Stop enemy Single Situational Rarely, but sometimes, useful.
Blindga ★★★ 60% chance to Blind enemy Single Situational Unreleased
Death ★★★★ Medium chance to KO enemy Single Situational Rarely useful
Break ★★★★ Low chance to Petrify enemy Single Situational Rarely useful


Ability Rank Multiplier Effect Single/All Craft/Hone? Comments
Aim 1.1 Never miss Single No Very weak, outclassed very quickly.
Wind Slash ★★ 1.4 Ranged, wind physical damage Single Situational Currently not many Wind attacks, and a few Wind Vulnerability Boss Requirements.
Dagger Toss ★★ 1.7 Ranged physical damage Single Situational Not bad for beginners, it is a decent ranged physical skill.
Quickness ★★★ Grants user ‘Haste’ status Self No Too specialised, and self only.
Leg Shot ★★★ 1.7 Chance to Slow enemy Single Situational A good skill if you haven’t, or are unwilling, to invest in Slowga.
Tempo Flurry ★★★ 0.9 Strikes twice, 20% chance (per hit) to Slow target. Single Yes A very useful skill, as you can apply damage and slow at a reasonable rate.
Shadowbind ★★★★ 2.2 Medium chance to Stop enemy Single No Stop isn’t a good enough status, especially on a 4* skill.
Dismissal ★★★★ 2.05 25% chance to reset target’s ATB gauge. Single Yes A powerful skill on its own, multiple users can be a viable strategy on some bosses.
Paralyze Shot ★★★★ 2.1 25% chance to Paralyze target Single Unreleased
Quick Hit ★★★★★ 2.4 0.01 cast time Single No Saving 1-2 seconds not having the skill cast is not worth the orb investment.


Ability Rank Multiplier Effect Single/All Craft/Hone? Comments
Blade Bash 1.1 10% chance to Paralyze enemy Single Situational A useful skill to spam early on, but, not very good.
Body Slam 1.8 Lose 20% of user’s max HP Single No Health cost is way too high
Charge ★★ 1.8 High cast time Single No Takes almost twice as long to cast
Double Cut ★★ 0.9 Hits twice Single Yes A great “Filler” skill, even later in the game.
Magic Break ★★★ 1.7 Lowers targets MAG by 30% Single Yes The effect of the “Stat Breaks” are incredibly useful.
Armor Break ★★★ 1.7 Lowers targets DEF by %30 Single Yes
Power Break ★★★ 1.7 Lowers targets ATK by %30 Single Yes
Mental Break ★★★ 1.7 Lowers targets RES by %30 Single Yes
Cripple ★★★ Deals 25% of Targets Max HP. Single No Subject to the damage cap, gets worse as the fight goes on.
Launch ★★★ 2 Physical damage Single Yes A great “Filler” skill, stronger than Double Cut.
Bladeblitz ★★★★ 1.5 Physical damage All Situational A decent AoE, but only rarely useful.
Pound ★★★★ 2.3 Never misses Single Situational An expensive filler skill, worth honing eventually, but not a priority.
Bonecrusher ★★★★ 2.8 Deals 25% of the MaxHP as recoil Single Unreleased
Wicked Wave ★★★★ 1.6 Dark element; Never misses All Unreleased
Lifesiphon ★★★★ 1.8 Gain extra SB gauge (3x as much as ‘Attack’) All Unreleased
Barrage ★★★★★ 0.7 Strikes 4 times Single (Random) Situational In the far far future it may be worth it to craft/hone this skill.


Ability Rank Multiplier Effect Single/All Craft/Hone? Comments
Box Step ★★★ Reduces enemy’s DEF by 30% All No Without better dancer skills, there’s no reason to use a Dancer at all.
Stutter Step ★★★ Reduces enemy’s RES by 30% All No Without better dancer skills, there’s no reason to use a Dancer at all.
Unfaith ★★★ Reduces enemy’s MAG by 30% All Unreleased
Weak Polka ★★★ Reduces enemy’s ATK by 30% All Unreleased
Stop Rumba ★★★★ High chance to Stop all targets. All Unreleased
High Stutter Step ★★★★ RES -50% All Unreleased
High Weak Polka ★★★★ ATK -40% All Unreleased


Ability Rank Multiplier Effect Single/All Craft/Hone? Comments
Jump ★★ 2 Physical damage Single Situational Great damage, not many good Dragoons.
Wind Jump ★★★ 2.1 Wind physical damage Single Unreleased
Ice Jump ★★★ 2.1 Ice physical damage Single Unreleased
Lightning Jump ★★★ 2.1 Lightning physical damage Single Unreleased
Mighty Jump ★★★★ 2.5 Physical damage Single Unreleased


Ability Rank Multiplier Effect Single/All Craft/Hone? Comments
Guard ★★ Protect to self Self No Pretty useless
Draw Fire ★★★ Redirects physical attacks to self, raises own DEF by 100% Self Situational Very useful with Retaliate and on specific fights.
Mental Bash ★★★ 1.6 Caster’s RES + 50% Single Unreleased
Memento of Defense ★★★ DEF & RES + 50% Single Unreleased
Shield Bash ★★★ 1.6 User’s DEF +50% Single Unreleased
Minus Strike ★★★★ Damage = (Max HP – Current HP)*2 Single No You don’t really want to be on low HP
Magic Lure ★★★★ Redirects Magical Attacks to self, raises own RES by 100% Single Unreleased
Banish Raid ★★★★ 2 Has the same effect as Dispel Single Unreleased
Armor Strike* ★★★★ 2.8 Assume DEF unbuffed, ArmorStrike_ATK = (30% ATK + 70% DEF)

Max ArmorStrike_ATK = (30% ATK + 126% DEF)

Single Unreleased

*About Armor Strike: How this ability works is a little unique. Instead of using the user’s ATK value to calculate the damage, it uses “ArmorStrike_ATK”. You can amp up this value by stacking buffs such as Protect + Sentinel’s Grimoire for example.


Ability Rank Multiplier Effect Single/All Craft/Hone? Comments
Death Strike ★★ 2 Either Crit or Miss. Single No Not a reliable source of damage
Chi Blast ★★ 1.7 Ranged physical attack Single Situational Good Damage, Ranged, though Monks aren’t commonly used.
Chakra ★★★ Increases ATK by 20%, and heals self. Self Situational Not terrible if you have a good Monk.
Memento of Power ★★★ ATK + 30% Self Unreleased
Kick ★★★ 1.3 Physical damage All Unreleased
Pressure Point ★★★★ 2.1 50% chance to KO target. Single Situational Alternative to KO type abilities
Punishing Palm ★★★★ 2.1 ATK +30% Single Unreleased
Raging Thrust ★★★★★ 2.9 Crit:20%
5x 0.58
Single Unreleased


Ability Rank Multiplier Effect Single/All Craft/Hone? Comments
Shuriken ★★ 1.4 Ranged physical attack Single Situational Weak, but not always a lot of ranged options.
Swift Bolt ★★★ 21 Lightning damage based on MAG and ignores RES. All Unreleased
Water Veil ★★★ 21 Water damage based on MAG and ignores RES. All Unreleased
Fire Veil ★★★ 21 Fire damage based on MAG and ignores RES. All Unreleased
Scatter Blossom ★★★★ 0.37 Strikes 6 times Single Unreleased
Shadowsteel ★★★★ 2.1 Damage based on ATK and 25% to inflict Sap Single Unreleased
Phantasm ★★★★ 39 Damage based on MAG and ignores RES; 50% chance to Sleep enemies Single Unreleased


Ability Rank Multiplier Effect Single/All Craft/Hone? Comments
Retaliate ★★ 1.4 Counters nearly all Physical Attacks. Self Situational You should already know how powerful this is.
Iai Strike ★★★ 1.6 30% chance to instantly kill enemy. Single Situational Not very strong, but a good “Death” type skill
Yukikaze ★★★★ 1.5 20% chance to blind enemies. All Situational Not incredibly strong, but AoE and a chance to blind can have its uses.
Tranquility ★★★★ 2.2 ATK +30% for 20s and Sap self. Single Unreleased
Sword Flash ★★★★★ 2.66 2x 1.33
Never misses.
All Unreleased


Ability Rank Multiplier Effect Single/All Craft/Hone? Comments
Fire Strike ★★ 1.5 Fire physical damage Single Situational Not worth honing if you already have the 3★ version
Blizzard Strike ★★ 1.5 Ice physical damage Single Situational
Thunder Strike ★★ 1.5 Thudner physical damage Single Situational
Water Strike ★★ 1.5 Water physical damage Single Situational
Aero Strike ★★ 1.5 Wind physical damage Single Yes Useful for quite a while
Fira Strike ★★★ 1.8 Fire physical damage Single Yes Amazingly useful and powerful
Blizzara Strike ★★★ 1.8 Ice physical damage Single Yes
Thundara Strike ★★★ 1.8 Thudner physical damage Single Yes
Drain Strike ★★★ 1.7 Heals for 30% of the Damage Dealt. Single Situational Useful, but not everyone has room to take it with them.
Watera Strike ★★★ 1.8 Water physical damage Single Unreleased
Aerora Strike ★★★ 1.8 Wind physical damage Single Unreleased
Bio Strike ★★★ 1.8 Poison physical damage Single Unreleased
Firaga Strike ★★★★ 2.1 Fire physical damage Single Unreleased
Blizzaga Strike ★★★★ 2.1 Ice physical damage Single Unreleased
Thundaga Strike ★★★★ 2.1 Thudner physical damage Single Unreleased
Break Strike ★★★★ 2.1 15% chance to Petrify enemy Single Situational Alternative to Break
Flare Strike ★★★★★ 3 Non-Elemental physical damage Single No Seems  fairly underwhelming


Ability Rank Multiplier Effect Single/All Craft/Hone? Comments
Goblin 2.7 Non-Elemental damage Single No Terrible in every way
Bomb 2.7 Fire damage Single No Terrible in every way, but with Fire
Chocobo ★★ 5.4 Non-Elemental damage Single No Terrible has taken a 2★ form
Dragon ★★ 3.6 Non-Elemental damage All No Can be used as a very early AoE clear, but there are far better options.
Kirin ★★ Applies Regen to party Yes The only decent 2* Summon.
Ramuh ★★★ 5.5 Lightning damage All Situational Generally worse than Black Magic, and has two mediocre 4* Thunder summons.
Ifrit ★★★ 5.5 Fire damage All No Generally worse than Black Magic, and there’s a much better 4* Fire Summon.
Shiva ★★★ 5.5 Ice damage All Situational Generally worse than Black Magic, but there’s no better Ice Summon.
Syldra ★★★★ 8.8 Lightning damage All No Ixion is better.
Leviathan ★★★★ 8.8 Water damage All Situational Maybe once you’ve finished the better 4* summons.
Ixion ★★★★ 9.2 Lightning damage All Situational Maybe once you’ve finished the better 4* summons.
Maduin ★★★★ 9.6 Non-Elemental damage All No Uses far too many Greater Summon Orbs.
Phoenix ★★★★ 8 Fire damage and Revives one party member. All Situational If you got one from an Event Reward, it’s worth Honing.
Carbuncle ★★★★ Casts Reflect on the party All Situational Depending on your team, you may not ever need more than a single cast of Carbuncle.
Alexander ★★★★ 9.2 Holy damage All Yes Not many resists Holy, an excellent summon once you’ve crafted/honed Ruinga.
Valefor ★★★★ 9.6 Non-Elemental damage All Yes Huge, unresisted, damage. One of, if not the, best summon.
Quetzalcoatl ★★★★ 9.2 Lightning damage All No Less damage than Ixion, and there are better ways to Paralyze. Nevertheless if you need a group Paralyze, this is an option.
Cactuar ★★★★ Fixed 3,000 damage All Unreleased
Odin ★★★★★ 12 99% chance of causing KO to enemies All Very Situational There is some value in the 99% KO, but it is very expensive, and the orbs are better used in better skills like Full Break.
Bahamut ★★★★★ 13.5 Non-Elemental damage All No Shares orbs with a better skill, and Odin is the preferable 5* summon if you must make one.


Ability Rank Multiplier Effect Single/All Craft/Hone? Comments
Salve Heal user Self No Not a very strong heal at all, outclassed incredibly quick.
Boost Boosts ATK by 25% Single Yes A very useful skill for Physical based teams
Sleep Attack ★★ 1.4 Small chance to Sleep Single Situational Good skills if you need the statuses before you’re capable of crafting the improved versions.
Silence Attack ★★ 1.4 Small chance to Silence Single Situational
Venom Attack ★★ 1.4 Small chance to Poison Single Situational
Dark Attack ★★ 1.4 Small chance to Blind Single Situational
Cry ★★ 30% chance to Confuse Single Situational Pretty much only useful for “Confuse” boss requirements.
Revive ★★ Revive KO’d ally Single Situational A cheap way to revive dead characters, though it’s better not to let them die.
Life Wave ★★ Target heals 3% of Max HP every 3 seconds Single Unreleased
Sleep Buster ★★★ 1.7 Chance to Sleep Single Yes Very useful skills, a reliable way to inflict status effects.
Silence Buster ★★★ 1.7 Chance to Silence Single Yes
Venom Buster ★★★ 1.7 Chance to Poison Single Yes
Dark Buster ★★★ 1.7 Chance to Blind Single Yes
Intimidate ★★★ 50% chance to Paralyze Single Yes Amazingly useful, Paralyze is a moderately common enemy weakness.
Mental Breakdown ★★★★ 2.1 Reduces targets RES by 50% Single Yes Brutally powerful for anyone that uses Magic.
Armor Breakdown ★★★★ 2.1 Reduces targets DEF by 40% Single Situational Not as effective as the two Magic related ones, and Steal Armour is “Better”.
Magic Breakdown ★★★★ 2.1 Reduces targets MAG by 50% Single Yes An important survival tool against magical foes later in the game.
Power Breakdown ★★★★ 2.1 Reduces targets ATK by 40% Single Situational Not as effective as the two Magic related ones, and Steal Power is “Better”.
Wrath ★★★★ SB Gain: +180; Boosts ATK by 3% Self No An expensive skill for a relatively small effect.
Entrust ★★★★★ Transfer the user’s Soul Break gauge to an ally. Single No While it can be really good, it’s not worth the Major Orbs.
Full Break ★★★★★ 2.2 Reduces ATK, DEF, MDEF, MATK by 30% Single Yes An expensive skill, but it stacks with Breaks/Breakdowns/Steal Power/Steal Armor, which is a huge plus point.


Ability Rank Multiplier Effect Single/All Craft/Hone? Comments
Steal HP ★★ 1.4 30% as HP Single Situational A weaker “Thief” version of Drain Strike. Not terrible, but not amazing.
Steal Time ★★★ Slows Enemy, Hastes Self. Single Situational If you’re not running a form of haste, this isn’t a bad way to apply slow. If you are, there are better skills.
Steal Defense ★★★★ Reduces enemy DEF by 40%, raises own DEF by 50%. Single Situational A useful skill, though non-damaging, if you use a Physical Heavy Party.
Steal Power ★★★★ Reduce enemy ATK by 40%, Raise own ATK by 50% Single Unreleased; Apparently a very powerful skill.
Mug Time ★★★★★ 2.5 Slow enemy, Haste self. Single Unreleased

White Magic

Ability Rank Multiplier Effect Single/All Craft/Hone? Comments
Cure Healing Formula: (Potency=(5+(25÷64)×MND^(3÷4))×30) Single Situational Useful early on, gets outclassed.
Vox Removes Silence Single Situational Generally useful to have these crafted, even if you won’t use them often.
Poisona Removes Poison Single Situational
Blindna Removes Blind Single Situational
Protect Increase DEF by 100% Single No Single target makes these basically worthless.
Shell Increase RES by 100% Single No Single target makes these basically worthless.
Cura ★★ Healing Formula: (Potency=(5+(25÷64)×MND^(3÷4))×55) Single Yes Heals well, and you’ll use it for a decent length of time
Regen ★★ Target heals 3% of their Max HP every 5 seconds for a time, cures ‘Sap’ status. Single No Single target makes these basically worthless.
Stona ★★ Removes Petrify Single Situational Not often useful, but handy to have for those stages where it is.
Curaga ★★★ Healing Formula: (Potency=(5+(25÷64)×MND^(3÷4))×80) Single Yes Heals a lot, and is used for a very very long time.
Therapy Cure ★★★ Healing Formula: (Potency=(5+(25÷64)×MND^(3÷4))×60); Applies Regen Single Unreleased
Memento of Prayer ★★★ Gives ‘Regen’ status to all allies Single Unreleased
Haste ★★★ Grants the ‘Haste’ status to target, boosting their ATB charge rate. Single Situational Haste is very useful, but not everyone has space to run this skill.
Esuna ★★★ Cures almost all Status Ailments. Single Situational Rare that you need to heal from multiple ailments.
Water of Strength ★★★ ATK +30% Single Yes Incredibly powerful, especially if you run more BlM or Summoners.
Faith ★★★ Boost MAG by 20% Single Situational Respects the damage cap, but doesn’t need a MAG stat. Arguably a staple in a mage-heavy party
Reflect ★★★ Reflects most single target Magic abilities to a random Enemy. Single Situational Single target makes this almost worthless.
Curaja ★★★★ Healing Formula: (Potency=(5+(25÷64)×MND^(3÷4))×105) Single Yes Once you’ve crafted/honed Ruinga, Curaja is likely where your Holy Orbs will go.
Protectga ★★★★ Grants ‘Protect’ to all allies. All Situational Amazing skill, may not ever need it honed though.
Shellga ★★★★ Grants ‘Shell’ to all allies. All Situational Amazing skill, may not ever need it honed though.
Raise ★★★★ Revives ally from KO Single Situational You don’t really want anyone dead ever, but it can be used to “Death” Undead creatures vulnerable to KO.
Silence 30% chance to Silence enemy Single Situational Useful if you can’t create/use the better skills.
Slow 30% chance to Slow enemy Single Situational Slow is a useful status, and Slowga isn’t cheap to craft/hone.
Hold ★★ 1% chance to Confuse enemy Single No Just no.
Dia ★★ 2.2 Holy damage Single Situational Not sure you need a WhM offensive skill before you can craft Diara.
Silencega ★★★ 60% chance to Silence enemy Single Situational You don’t need it often, and the Support skills are generally preferred for Statuses.
Diara ★★★ 4.2 Holy damage Single Yes Good damage, not too bad to hone.
Dispel ★★★ Remove positive status from enemies Single Yes Not useful all of the time, but amazingly powerful when it is.
Berserk ★★★ Medium chance to Berserk enemy Single Situational Makes some fights easier, but it’s not used very often at all.
Slowga ★★★★ High chance to Slow enemy Single Situational Great skill, but not everyone wants to invest in a 4* skill just to slow.
Diaga ★★★★ 8.3 Single Unreleased; will be your go-to holy spell
Holy ★★★★★ 12 Holy damage Single No Will be a very long time before you can spare the orbs to get this to a useable Rank.

Want to plan your orb farming priorities?

Introducing the【FFRK Orb Tracker】made by our very own Cynque!

Basically what this excel does:

  1. On one sheet you fill in your orb inventory count and Gil in.
  2. On another sheet you select what abilities you plan to craft/hone.
  3. The final sheet will return you the amount of whichever orbs and Gil you need!




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  1. Hi Kong,

    Great page. Would you be able to put in on a navigation bar?
    If it is there, where is it so I can find this next time =)

    1. Hi thanx for the reminder! I’ve added it under game overview

  2. Wait the 1 star summons have a damage multiplier of 1? So goblin and bomb does the same damage as a physical attack and fire, except are more expensive and have less uses? Booooo

    1. but the summon use magic stat not atk stat so it is much better than Rydia noremal atk.

    2. Also, it is super easy to max out rank 1 summons because minor orbs are cheap and easy to farm if you Dont have hundreds of them already

  3. Needs “Body Slam”

    1. And Death Strike! dunno its mechanism yet (for Monk/Tifa)

  4. Combat -> 4* -> w/o name but 1.5x attack all

    Is it Bladebitz?

    1. Yeah. That’s probably bladeblitz.

  5. Bro KBP, this should be moved to “Abilities” tag instead of “Game Overview”.

  6. Doesn’t take into account Dia as a white magic offensive ability. Was wondering what the multiplier was to see if I could replace a white magic slot with this as an attack.

    1. Dia was semi-useful until Yuna’s event. It was weak but it was the only way most White Mages could do noticeable damage (Holy was too expensive for most people and Attack did next to nothing.)

    2. Dia was semi-useful until Yuna’s event. It was weak but it was the only way most White Mages could do noticeable damage (Holy was too expensive for most people and Attack did next to nothing.)

  7. These multiplier values are really important to know, especially in terms of the daily dungeons and elite ones when you have a low level group. As the moderator and owner of /r/FFRecordKeeper, you can find the results of gatcha pulls every day on the front page of the subreddit. Its what the people want after all. Make sure to double strike and quad strike for extra damage, farm the orbs if necessary.

  8. Hiya, I find the charts ultra useful.
    I was just wondering about the multiplier for Dia and Diara for white magic. It’s probably same thing as the fire and fira right?

  9. Barrage ☆ 5 2.80 times Single Nothing 0.7x damage randomly on 4 targets
    Cripple ☆ 3 Maximum HP × 1/4 Single Nothing No effect on the enemy that’s resistant to instant death.
    Leg Shot ☆ 3 1.70 times Single Nothing Damage and occasionally Slow target (medium chance)
    Wind Slash☆ 2 1.40 times Single Wind Wind attribute attack

  10. Do spellblade abilities use both MAG and ATK?

  11. You actually make it seem really easy together with your presentation but I in finding this topic to be really one thing
    which I believe I might by no means understand. It seems too complex and extremely huge for
    me. I am looking forward on your next publish, I’ll try to get the dangle of

    1. Please delete this spam above. It CAN also contain a dangerous/malicious link!

  12. I take it this data is from a non-English version, and that’s why the missing/incorrect names?
    Here, have some names to dump on:
    *2 physical wind attack: Wind Slash
    *3 status effect attacks: (effect) Buster
    *3 damage and occasionally slow: Leg Shot
    *3 physical cut HP by 1/4: Cripple
    *4 stat reducers labeled “High (stat) Break”: (Stat) Breakdown
    *4 damage and occasionally stop: Shadowbind
    *5 attack instantly: Quick Hit
    *5 0.7x x4: Barrage

    Summon applying Regen to whole party: Kirin
    Also, 3.5x nonelemental damage is Maduin, not Madin.

    I hope this is helpful to you rather than just a reminder to update :/

    Also, like others I would like to see the multipliers for Body Slam, Dia, Holy, and critical strikes. 🙂

    Oh and I nearly forgot – THANK YOU for compiling this list!

  13. What about the Soul Break’s multipliers?

  14. Anyone how the multipler for dia or holy works?

  15. Anyone know the multiplier for the new physical ability called “Pound”? I didn’t see it listed here yet.

    1. Someone in the chat’s mentioned Pound has a 2.25 multiplier

      1. That makes Pound somewhat irrelevant when you can do almost the same damage with one of the Breakdown abilities.

  16. Body Slam Ability Multiplier

    Looks like it hits for (20% MAX HP * 4) and hits you back for 20% MAX HP.

    Tested with Sephiroth. Had MAX HP 3435. Hits for 2748 and hit me back for 687.

    Credit:Kira Yamato

    1. Correction to above info
      Body Slam does 1.8x damage and 20% of total damage to user(Cannot kill User)

      Tests I did on boss in ff7 mako dungeon boss

      Danjuro dagger used 229atk stat
      Norm attack:5177
      Body Slam: 9231


      Knife used 114atk stat
      Norm attack: 2092
      Body Slam: 3766


      Easy to farm materials easy to hone to max.

  17. Flare does not target all enemies… 🙂

  18. The Excel spreadsheet requires a passwords to remove the protection. do you know it?

  19. As of Zack’s event, Dismissal and “Dual Delay” are now released. Dual Delay is now called Tempo Flurry in Global.

  20. Anyone know when Wicked Wave will be released?

  21. This page needs a small update. When you fellers have time ofc. No rush.

  22. Aerora strike became available as part of one of the special events just recently (though I can’t remember which one)

  23. Cactaur was included as part of one of the recent free daily giveaways

    1. It has no multiplier though. It ALWAYS deals 3000 non-elemental damage to all enemies.

  24. I think there are missing decimal points under Ninja’s ability multipliers, because if not…. O.O

    1. So now I’ve seen more of the math behind the Ninja stuff, the multiplier makes more sense. No missing decimal points, just a different curve than standard magic.

  25. This page could be updated more often. It helped me a lot to figure out where should i spend my orbs.

  26. In the Ninja abilities Water Scroll is misspelled as Water Sroll. All the others are correct.

  27. Is Invigorate Fist == Punishing Palm in the Monk abilities which first come from a FF9 event next?

  28. How is Ixion better than Quetz? I thought a Paralyze-All summon is better. I guess there is not much because there are almost never multiple bosses that are susceptible to Paralyze. Right?

    1. Quetz is extremely weak. The multiplier is wrong. I did some testing in the white orb FF3 daily dungeon.

      Quetz did 6100
      Phoenix 6900
      Ixion 7700

      Tested against the same enemy. Used same summoner with same equipment and materia.

  29. Could you update the abilities? Because there are some released that don’t have an answer on craft/hone
    Thank you :p

  30. Hi, i have a small problem, i cant create a blizzaga strike – i dont see that option on list…. Do enyone have a clue ???

    1. Blizzaga Strike will be available with the Faris-Krile event.


  31. Is a good idea update this page no?

  32. We’re missing some abilities here. When’s it gonna update? Fat Chocobo is missing.

  33. I don´t get it, do 5* light armors rise attack instead of defence? that´s what´s wirtten in website and I don´t have a 5* to verify… anyone can confirm? it would be like an Adance as an equip lol, if so I am gonna choose the light armor from the choice pull.


    1. Nah…it’s a mistake. I do have some, I was disappointed lol

    2. Some do, some don’t.

  34. Is this page being updated? Lots of missing abilities

  35. great job on the site! I love it it is so helpful. 11just one thing I hope the abilities get a recent update there are abilities that we have that are not listed.

  36. Hi! Thanks for the wonderful website it really helps. Can you please update the ability list with suggestions about what to hone and what to ignore. THX!

  37. Hi ! Is there a place where we can find SB multiplier for Shared Healing SB (like candlerod, precious Watch … ) ? I would like to know if it is a % of Healing or a stat multiplier =p Thanks a lot !!!

  38. could you please update the ability list with all the new abilities?

  39. This really needs updating, can still be useful

  40. i need some help . im not really sure whats the meaning of multiplier . cuz i do want to know the durration of every skill like power break on a opponent

  41. can we please get this page updated?!?!?!?!? Sharpshoot, Mechanist, and Witch “classes” are not even listed here! and LOTS of the new 5* and 6* abilities are not listed either! I rely on this site for the damage multipliers so I know which abilities are worth honeing! please update!

  42. Chain firaga/thundaga/blizaga

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