Alexandria Castle, Part 2 (Elite)

[2] Alexandria Castle, Part 2 Difficulty 107

[Total required stamina: 61]

Chapel Stamina 20, Stages 3, experience value 6539
Stairs Stamina 20, Stages 3, experience value 6539
Queen’s Chambers Stamina 21, Stages 1, experience value 5545
[Boss battles] Beatrix (2nd Encounter)

HP – 208,000

– Carbuncle
– Slowga* very important
– Ja based spells
– All buffs and debuffs


Boss name Beatrix (2nd Encounter) Advent location Alexandria Castle, Part 2
Fire Ice Lightning Earth Wind
Water Holy Dark Poison  
State abnormal resistance Poison / Silence / Paralayze / Confuse / Stop / Blind / Sleep / Petrify / Doom / Instant KO / Berserk
Behavior patterns
Attack Deal physical damage to one target.
Cura Restore a moderate amount of HP to one target.
Shock Deal massive physical damage to one target.
Thunder Slash Deal very heavy lightning damage to one target.
Climhazzard Deal very heavy damage to all targets based on their current HP.


Master reward Greater Ice Orb × 1, Major Wind Orb × 1
Clear reward Gill × 18000
First clear reward Mythril × 1, Greater White Orb × 1
Special score conditions Defeat Beatrix without being KO’d.
Defeat Beatrix before she uses Climhazzard.


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  1. What’s the Carbuncle for here? I see it’s in the party from the video, but it’s never used…

    1. For countering her magic, but I guess with Sentinel Grimoire up, the mitigation was enough. I would’ve used it for extra damage, though.

    2. Carbuncle is very useful for dealing with the trash mobs because most of them cast magic which hits like truck. If u aim to master every stage then think about using carbuncle pairs with Summoner RM 2 to restore one summon ability every battle. If your party is good enough with good gears then shelga will be enough. 🙂

  2. Isn’t thunder slash a physical move?

  3. This boss uses physical attacks only.
    No need for carbuncle or magic break/down. Best use lunatic high rw imo

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