Aug 24 Updates


Translated Events





Event Date (PST)
Four As One (V) 31 Aug
Dungeon Update 36 5 Sep
Fate Calls, Power Awakens (IV) 7 Sep
(mystery timestamp 1) 12 Sep
Sworn By Steel (FFT) 14 Sep
The More The Merrier (VI) 21 Sep
(mystery timestamp 2) 23 Sep
FF30th START 24 Sep
A Brush with Heroes (DFF) 5 Oct
Dungeon Update 37 10 Oct
FF30th END 12 Oct
The Torch Burns On (II) 19 Oct
Thorns of The Rose (II – Revenge) 22 Oct
The Maiden of Water (III) 2 Nov
Aspiring Knight (III – Revenge) 5 Nov

New Abilities

Dread Weapon

Quake Strike

Warring Flame

Smoldering Moon

Ancestral Reflection

Shadow Embodied

Frost Strike

Crimson Cross

Burning Rush

Magicite Dawn



DU38 teaser image

DU39 teaser image

Updated: August 25, 2017 — 2:34 pm


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  1. (XI) : 24 August
    (Du 36): 5 Septembre
    (IV) : 7 Septembre

    for anyone in need meanwhile Fatty is working hard for us all dessiphering the dates

  2. How do you add a video link for the magicite dungeons?

  3. Has anyone noticed that the site hasn’t been updated for away now, everything ok?

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