Balamb Garden 2

[11-5] FF8 Balamb Garden 2 Difficulty 34 

[Total required stamina: 41]

1F Hall Stamina 8, Stages 3, experience value 2202
1F corridor Stamina 8, Stages 3, experience value 2202
Guard leader before Stamina 8, Stages 3, experience value 2202
Main gate before passage Stamina 8, Stages 3, experience value 2202
Main gate Stamina 9, Stages 1, experience value 1182
[boss fight] DiabolosHP is about 32000. Use Aero Strike for special score.

One of the few Bosses where you can apply your Gravity. – To be confirmed


Boss name Diabolos Advent location Balamb Garden 2
Tolerance [Weakness] Wind  [absorption] – [mitigation] – [Disable] land
State abnormal resistance Poison / silence / paralysis / confusion / stop / reflector / sleep / petrify
death sentence / instant death
Behavior patterns • The fight-curaga-Gravity
-Gurabija (large damage of the entire HP percentage)


Master reward Black orb × 3, Stamina Shard × 1
Clear reward Gill × 2500
First clear reward Mythril × 1, Stamina Shard × 1
Special score conditions Exploit Diabolos weakness for Wind Attacks
Dungeon release after clear FF8 president train


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  1. Gravity does not work

  2. Boss Drops Dark Orb.

    1. Dark Orb on Classic not sure for Elite still going through the new dungeons.
      I keep posting some of the things that I get from my runs.

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