Baron Castle

Baron Castle
 ffrk_ff4map_baron Stage Stamina Rounds EXP
Ancient Waterway – 3rd Level  4  3  600
Ancient Waterway – 2nd Level  4  3  600
Ancient Waterway – 1st Level  4  3  600
Baron Castle – 1st Floor  4  1  334
Baron Castle – Throne Room  5  1  364
Boss Weakness Baigan – Ice
Cagnazzo – Ice, Lightning (prep Tsunami) 
Boss Absorb
Cagnazzo – Water
Boss Resist Baigan – Fire, Lightning
Cagnazzo – Fire, Lightning, Wind, Holy, Dark (Defending)
Boss Immune Baigan – Doom, Confuse, Sleep, KO, Paralyze, Petrify
Special Boss Clear Condition (2 bosses) Exploit Baigan’s weakness to ice attacks.

Defeat Baigan before his arms self-destruct.


Disrupt Cagnazzo’s Tsunami with lightning attacks.

Exploit Cagnazzo’s weakness to ice attacks.

Unlock Dungeon  North Mines
Master Clear Unlock Dungeon  Baron Castle (Elite)
Clear Reward  700 Gil
Master Reward  Stamina Shard x 1, Chopper** (XII) x 1
First Clear Reward  Mythril x 1, Stamina Shard x 5

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