Cavern of Ice (Elite)

[1] FF1 Cavern of Ice Difficulty 71

[Total required stamina: 52]

B1F Stamina 17, Stages 3, experience value 5643
B2F Stamina 17, Stages 3, experience value 5643
B3F Stamina 18, Stages 3, experience value 8395
[Emerging enemy] Troll, Ice Gigas, Crawler, Earth Elemental
[Boss fight] White Dragon

White Dragon ~ 118,000 HP.

– Intimidate
– Fire / Lightning Abilities

Boss name White Dragon Advent location Cave of ice
Fire Ice Lightning Earth Wind
Water Holy Dark Poison  
State abnormal resistance Poison / Petrify / Doom / Instant KO
Behavior patterns
Attack Deal physical damage to one target.
Icestorm Deal moderate ice damage to all targets.

Master reward Greater Power Orb × 3, Greater Ice Orb × 1
Clear reward Gill × 15000
First clear reward Mythril × 1, Stamina Shard × 1
Special score conditions – Exploit the White Dragon’s weakness to fire attacks.
– Exploit the White Dragon’s weakness to lightning attacks.


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