Deist Cavern (Elite)

[1] FF2 Deist Cavern Difficulty 72

[Total required stamina: 52]

B1F Stamina 17, Stages 3, experience value 6693
B3F Stamina 17, Stages 3, experience value 7140
B5F Stamina 18, Stages 3, experience value 9763
[Emerging enemy] Queen Bee, Great Tortoise, Ogre Mage, Goblin Guard
[Boss Fight] Chimera

Chimera (x4) ~ 39,500 HP each

– Soul Break from Aeris is pretty useful here to prevent Chimera from using its Blaze Attack.
– Intimidate
– Stop

Boss name Chimera Advent location Deist Cavern
Fire Ice Lightning Earth Wind
Water Holy Dark Poison  
State abnormal resistance Confuse/ Petrify / Doom / Instant KO / Berserk
Behavior patterns -Fight
-flame (and large damage of fire attribute to the whole)

Master reward Large Scarletite × 3, Stamina Shard × 1
Clear reward Gill × 15000
First clear reward Greater White Orb × 1, Mythril × 1
Special score conditions Don’t Die


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  1. boss drops Power Sash (IV) – 2* light armor

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