[14-1] FF2 Dreadnought Difficulty 35 

[Total required stamina: 46]

1F Stamina 9, Stages 3, experience value 3324
2F Stamina 9, Stages 3, experience value 3324
3F Stamina 9, Stages 3, experience value 3580
4F Stamina 9, Stages 3, experience value 3836
Engine room Stamina 10, Stages 3, experience value 3684
 [Boss fight] captain
HP is about 21000.

Boss name Captain Advent location FF2 large battleship
Tolerance [Weakness] – [absorption] – [mitigation] – Disabled –
State abnormal resistance Sentenced / instant death / petrify / death
Behavior patterns · Fight Yoo Mi (physical attributes damage of a single object)

Master reward White orbs × 3, Growth Egg × 1
Clear reward Gill × 2500
First clear reward Gordon × 1, Stamina Shard × 1
Special score conditions Don’t Die
Dungeon release after clear FF3 altar cave


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  1. I clear this on Champion but the FF3 Altar cave wasn’t unlocked, I thought FF3 was among the new dungeons.

  2. I checked on another page and apparently you have to clear the FF I dungeons to unlock FF III

  3. Pretty sure you have to clear both. I had cleared FFI first, and did not unlock FFIII. So after I did FFII’s dreadnought I had FFIII unlocked.

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