Dungeon 6

Reward Highlights:

1. 3 more Stamina for the next set of dungeons!
2. Memory Crystal – Red Mage
3. Characters – Ninja

ImageDungeonRealmDifficulty Level
Number of StagesStamina Required
ffrk_mushroomrockroadMushroom Rock RoadFF1060/80566/91
ffrk_thunderplainsThunder PlainsFF1061/83453/73
ffrk_makalaniawoodsMacalania WoodsFF1062/86567/92
ffrk_macalaniatempleMacalania TempleFF1064/89453/73
ffrk_macalanialakeMacalania LakeFF1063/91340/55
ffrk_chaosshrineyore1Chaos Shrine of Yore, Part 1FF162/86454/74
ffrk_chaosshrineyore2Chaos Shrine of Yore, Part 2FF164/89454/74
ffrk_sealedcaveSealed CaveFF464/94566/91
ffrk_lairofthefatherLair of the FatherFF465/98453/73
ffrk_giantofbabil1Giant of Babil, Part 1FF467/102456/76
ffrk_giantofbabil2Giant of Babil, Part 2FF468/106227/37


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  1. Macalania Lake – Elite is 55Stam not 40Stam

  2. You forgot Kimahri.

  3. The elite version of Macalania Temple offers the Summoner’s memory crystal.

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