Dungeon 7

1. 3 more Stamina for the next set of dungeons!
2. Memory Crystal – Gordon and Warrior of the Light
3. Characters – Maria and Steiner

ImageDungeonRealmDifficulty Level
Number of StagesStamina Required
ffrk_mysidiantower1Mysidian Tower, Part 1FF265/85343/58
ffrk_mysidiantower2Mysidian Tower, Part 2FF266/86343/58
ffrk_mysidiantower3Mysidian Tower, Part 3FF267/89457/77
ffrk_southgateSouth GateFF966/87343/58
ffrk_garganrooGargan RooFF967/88457/77
ffrk_cleyra sandpitCleyra SandpitFF968/92343/58
ffrk_cleyra cathedralCleyra CathedralFF970/95457/77
ffrk_desertofshiftingsandsDesert of Shifting SandsFF569/96343/58
ffrk_alexandriacastle1Alexandria Castle, Part 1FF971/103461/81
ffrk_alexandriacastle2Alexandria Castle, Part 2FF973/107346/61
ffrk_alexandriacastle3Alexandria Castle, Part 3FF973/110461/81

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