Dungeon 9

2 More Stamina for completing all the dungeons

ImageDungeonRealmDifficulty Level
Number of StagesStamina Required
ffrk_sanubiasandsSanubia SandsFF1077/97576/101
ffrk_viapurificomazeVia Purifico MazeFF1079/104461/81
ffrk_palamecia1The Palamecia, Part 1FF1380/106577/102
ffrk_palamecia2The Palamecia, Part 2FF1382/110346/61
ffrk_walsemeteoriteWalse MeteoriteFF580/106346/61
ffrk_karnarkmeteoriteKarnak MeteoriteFF581/109346/61
ffrk_gohnmeteoriteGohn MeteoriteFF581/113346/61
ffrk_castleexdeathCastle ExdeathFF581/115461/81
ffrk_bigbridgeBig BridgeFF584/121576/101


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  1. They are loving these high level FFV dungeons where we have only one to benefit from synergy… (now two, but still!)

    1. and both without memory crystals… smh

    2. and both without memory crystals… smh

      1. I really want to use Lenna again, but her MC is still a ways away!

        1. Agreed, she is the best WM in this game, period! Unfortunately, her MC doesn’t come until the Bartz/Gilga event.

          1. she may be the best white mage, but her ability to use other skills is pretty terrible. There are plenty of other white mages that can use 5* White magic and can also equip other high-level skills.

        2. i’m pretty much happy with anyone as long as they have synergy and can use RMs, i just agree with Mark not much synergy is present with FFV

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