Egg Hunt!

The Egg Hunt is underway!

Join the Egg Hunt!

Hunt for eggs hidden throughout the game to win rewards!


Faintly visible eggs are hidden in various places throughout the game.

Tap an egg to claim a reward.

The Egg Hunt is open for three days, with five eggs added each day for a total of 15.

The number of eggs collected is shown on the Home Screen.

You can find an egg on the Fat Chocobo’s belly in the Gysahl Exchange, so head there now to claim the reward!


Egg Hunt Duration

6:00 PM 4/15 PST to 5:59 PM 4/18 PST
* Times may change without notice.
* Rewards will be sent to the Item Chest, where they will be kept for 30 days before being deleted.

We hope you enjoy the Egg Hunt!

Updated: April 15, 2017 — 2:06 am


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  1. Anyone have locations

    1. Day 1 only though.

  2. Just…3 mythril (not including eggs)? Yeah, I am going to look at reddit for this event. I am not going to stress looking every place just to find eggs and a mythril each day.

    I know it’s new, however this is a “trial and error” event for me. This could have been a better event, like the 2nd Anniversary ones off the app.

  3. Day 2? Anybody got lucky?

  4. Theres one in your profile, over the picture of your currently shared character. Another in the movies section of the library. And I found 1 more, but I can’t remember where it was vs where I searched.

  5. Oh! I think it was over one of the motes that the Fat Chocobo is selling.

  6. great. I found 1. So lucky. Yeah, I looked at reddit for this event.
    It’s really a good deal

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