Elite Dungeon 3

As I’m lazy and slow in my updates, you can check the normal version to see the weakness of the monsters, they’ll usually the same.

ImageDungeonRealmDifficulty LevelNumber of StagesStamina Required
ffrk_flamecaveFire CavernFF842453
ffrk_seedfieldtestSeeD Field TestFF843567
ffrk_balambgarden1Balamb Garden 1FF846567
ff8fl05Balamb Garden 2FF846566
ff8fl06Presidential TrainFF849453
ff8fl07Centra Excavation SiteFF849565
ff8fl08Tomb of the Unknown KingFF852453
ff13fl01Hanging EdgeFF1342453
ff13fl02Lake Bresha 1FF1343453
ff13fl03Lake Bresha 2FF1344453
ff13fl04Vile Peaks 1FF1346453
ff13fl05Vile Peaks 2FF1348453
ff1-kokfso03Cavern of Earth 1FF148453
ff1-koose3391Cavern of Earth 2FF150566
ff1-jijfisjd005Mount GulgFF153566
ff3flaoisAltar CaveFF355457
ff3flamoe00902ujnmaiuwCastle SasuneFF357457
ff3kofikw00209jaskoaSealed CaveFF359571
ff3kpakjpssnsiiiiNepto TempleFF362461
ff10iiuifsnnnwyoiowou3ksMi'ihen HighroadFF1069461
ff5fl0221Walse CastleFF571576
ff5fl02-klpfwpkWalse TowerFF573461
ff5okoaisejjkkkrowkeKarnak CastleFF576461
ff5kkoaskooe9932Library of the AncientFF579577


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  1. Thank you very much, this lists are great!

  2. So when are these dungeons going to be written up?

  3. Will these dungeons be getting a guide?

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