Esper Caves

[5-8] FF6 Esper Cave Difficulty 21 

[Total required stamina: 25]

Stamina 6, Stages 3, Experience Value 1390
Stamina 6, Stages 3, Experience Value 1938
Stamina 6, Stages 3, Experience Value 1889
Stamina 7, Stages 4, Experience Value 2102
Boss Loot: Dagger (☆ 2)

Boss will cast Haste and Protect when HP is below certain Level. It will change its form and cast Water based AOE attacks. Try to paralyze the boss or exploit it’s weakness of Fire and Lightning

Boss name Orthos (cave of Maboroshi-juu) Advent location FF6 Maboroshi-juu cave
Tolerance Weakness – Fire / Lightning | Absorption – water
State abnormal tolerance Poison / silence / confusion / stop / sleep / petrify / death
Behavior patterns [Normal]
fight / corner (single physical damage added effect: dark)
Octopus (single physical damage)
Geodude (single physical damage added effect: confusion)
Health tone (HP percentage damage to target)
magnitude 8 ( Large Earth AOE Damage)
Aqua Breath (Large Water AOE Damage)
Haste / Protect

Master reward Lesser Earth Orb × 5, Stamina Shards × 2
Clear reward Gil × 1500
First clear reward Mythril × 1, Stamina Shards × 2
Special score conditions Exploit Orthos weakness to Fire and Lightning Magic Attacks
Dungeon release after clear Airship

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