Esper Valley (Elite)

Esper Valley (Elite)
 ffrk_valleyofeidolon Stage Stamina Rounds EXP
Esper Vale – 1st Battle 12 3 1,788
Esper Vale – 2nd Battle 12 3 1,788
Esper Vale – Last Stand 13 3 2,172
Boss Weakness
Boss Absorb
Boss Resist
Boss Immune Poison / Silence / Confuse / Stop / Blind / Sleep / Petrify / Doom / Instant KO
Special Boss Clear Condition Defeat Kefka without being KO’d.
Clear Reward 10,000 Gil
Master Reward Greater Black Orb x3, Stamina Shard x1
First Clear Reward Mythril x1, Stamina Shard x1


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  1. Another very easy boss, he can be paralyzed so bring the blade bash. As usual, I am a terrible moderator and I should step down. Regardless, if you can’t beat him with a mid 20s – 30 party you should uninstall the game. He’s not resistant to anything so bring some hard hitting spells also.

  2. Stamina required for this dungeon IS 37, not 27 like it says on the starting page, in case anyone wondered

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