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Courtesy of /u/CareerSMN

Relic Character Lvl 20/25 Stats Soul Break / Legend Materia
Seraphim Mace1

Arc 130 MAG 176+3 MND USSB “Water’s Wisdom” 10xST Holy/Water white magic dmg, EnHoly, self MND/RES +30% and chase Holy abilities with Dia Splash2
Gigantic Axe3

Ingus 180+3 ATK USSB “Earth’s Loyalty” 10xST Earth/Non-ele physical dmg, EnEarth, self ATK/DEF +30% and chase Knight abilities with Titan Strike4
Prism Rod

Aria 130 MAG 177+3 MND USSB “Encounter on the Ocean” 0CT Medica h85, party High Regen and 100% Fire Stoneskin
Onion Blade

Onion Knight 179+3 ATK USSB “Sealed Might” Party Haste, ATK +50%, Critical = 50% and self EX Mode “Ninja”5
Wizard Rod

Arc 100 MAG 141+1 MND BSSB “Break of Valor” 8xST Holy/Water white magic dmg, EnHoly, Burst Mode6
Crystal Shield7

Ingus 17 ATK 139+1 DEF 92 RES BSSB “Faithbound Escudo” 8xST Earth physical dmg, party Earth Radiant Shield, Burst Mode8

Aria 100 MAG 141+1 MND BSSB “Maiden of Water” Medica h85, party minor BarFire, Burst Mode9
Onion Gauntlets10

Onion Knight 23 ATK 23 MAG 23 MND 93 DEF 89+1 RES BSSB “Vessel of Fate” Party ATK/MAG +30% and Haste, Burst Mode11

Luneth 131+1 ATK BSSB “Eternal Wind” 8xST Wind/Non-ele physical dmg, 100% Stun, EnWind, Burst Mode13
Lamia Tiara14

Aria 28 MAG 27 MND 88 DEF 130+1 RES Legend Materia “Martyr’s Resolve” Low chance to doublecast White Magic abilities
Robe or Lords

Arc 17 MAG 17 MND 93 DEF 143+1 RES Legend Materia “Bookworm” Up to medium MND up based on no of White magic abilities used
Genji Armor15

Ingus 17 ATK 146+1 DEF 99 RES Legend Materia “Steely Soldier” Start battle with EnEarth
Onion Cape

Onion Knight 17 ATK 17 MAG 118+1 DEF 118 RES Legend Materia “Kid of Legend” Start battle with Instant Cast 2
Blessed Hammer

Luneth 147+1 ATK Legend Materia “Orphan of Ur” Start battle with En-Wind

1 : small Holy dmg up
2 : Dia Splash – 2~6xST Holy/Water/Non-ele white magic dmg based on triggering ability rank
3 : small Earth dmg up
4 : Titan Strike – 4~6xST Earth/Non-ele physical dmg, hits scale with DEF
5 : ATK +30% and stacking cast time reduction with each action up to 8 stages
6 : In burst mode gain the following commands

Attack-> "Dia Deluge" 4xST Holy/Water white magic dmg
Defend-> "Dia Cure" Curaja and MND +30%

7 : minor Petrify resist
8 : In burst mode gain the following commands

Attack-> "Titan Drive" 3xST Earth/Non-ele physicial dmg, self Knight++ 3 
Defend-> "Aegis Form" Self ATK/DEF +50% 

9 : In burst mode gain the following commands

Attack-> "Clarion Prayer" 0CT Curaga and High Regen
Defend-> "Fleeting Wish" Medica h25    

10 : minor resistance to Blind
11 : In burst mode gain the following commands

Attack-> "Extra Slice" 4xST physical dmg, next physical damage action is instant cast
Defend-> "Swiftspell" 4xST Non-ele magic dmg, next magical damage action is instant cast.

12 : small Wind dmg up
13 : In burst mode gain the following commands

Attack-> "Pummeling Gale" 4xST ranged Wind/Non-ele physical dmg, Stun (9%) 
Defend-> "Roaring Winds" 2xAoE ranged Wind/Non-ele physical dmg, self ATK +30% / RES -30%       

14 : minor Fire resistance
15 : minor Petrify resistance


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