Event 921

To find out what each Soul Break does, head over to Enlir’s spreadsheet and find out more!

translations courtesy of CareerSMN

Relic Character Lv 20/25 Stats Soul Break/Legend Materia
Apollo’s Harp

Edward (IV) 160+3 ATK 35 MAG 35 MND USSB “Hero’s Rime” Party MAG/MND/RES +30% , Haste and Quickcast Magic 2

Mog (VI) 115 ATK 135 MAG 172+3 MND USSB “Forest Nocturne” Party ATK/MAG/MND +30% and Quickcast 3
Angel Bell

Echo (I) 81 ATK 138+1 MAG 63 MND BSSB “Echo’s Mischief” 6xAoE Holy/Non-ele magic dmg, enemy Hyper Break, Burst Mode1
Black Quena

Kefka (VI) 81 ATK 138+1 MAG 63 MND BSSB “Magitek Suction Devil” 8xST random Dark/Bio magic dmg, EnDark, Burst Mode2
Lamia Harp

Edward (IV) 134+1 ATK 68 MAG 38 MND BSSB “Whisperweed Ballad” Party ATK +50%, AoE Imperil Holy, Burst Mode4
Requiem Harp

Edward (IV) 127+1 ATK 68 MAG 38 MND Legend Materia “Talented Bard” Small increase in stat buffs cast by self

Mog (VI) 81 ATK 105 MAG 141+1 MND Legend Materia “Chief of the Moogles” Small increase in stat buffs cast by self
Antique Lute

Sara (I) 80 ATK 68 MAG 128+1 MND SSB “Ancient Lute” Medica h85 and party Haste
Green Megaphone

Cait Sith (VII) 81 ATK 105 MAG 120+1 MND SSB “Moogle Dance” Party High Regen and AoE Full Breakdown
Mystic Maracas

Echo (I) 82 ATK 125+1 MAG 63 MND SSB “Breaker’s Gift” 3xAoE Non-ele magic dmg, enemy MAG/RES -50%
Soul Harp

Edward (IV) 114+1 ATK 68 MAG 38 MND SSB “Soulsong” Party MAG/MND +30% and Quickcast Magic 3
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