For details on each relic, head over to Enlir’s spreadsheet and find out more!

(Ctrl+F and type the hero’s name and find the relic)







Updated: June 20, 2017 — 12:09 pm


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  1. 1 AND 5 IT IS THEN

  2. Holy sh1t!!!
    Dat 4th banner!
    2 Ramza SBs that are not Shout!
    2 Pecil SBs that you can use them together!
    1 USB for Terra…
    AAAARRRGGGG… mu..st re…sist, Awa…kening Cloud.. is co…ming soon..

  3. Didn’t we already have an event named “A Special Place”? Some time last year during a FF8 event?

  4. really …. genji gloves for two different toons/SBS.. come on Dena .. we have like 50,000 words in the English dictionary.. u can do better…

  5. Hmm I want Cloud’s, Terra’s and Yuna’s….

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