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  1. Great, they didn’t make the error of doing a turn per turn rpg game

    1. yeah, some “error” that would be…
      [hoping your comment was sarcasm]

  2. …they should have sent a poet. *sniff*

  3. Error? The traditional turn based systems are a lot more fun then all the shitty changes square has made over the years to the battle system, RPGs are not designed to be rushed, they are meant to be played slowly so that you can immerse yourself in the strategy and story of the game. It is nice when you can just plan a day playing the game, and jump in and out of the game without having to worry about shit like pausing or lightning speed reactions, Also, what is up with Barret/Bullet…. does he think he is the chunky Wesley Snipes/Blade now? Is his role in this game to hunt down Vincent because he looks like a vampire?

    1. eh, there was never much of a strategy behind FF games, other than:
      * grind all characters to the highest level you can, eventually lv99.
      * get all ultimate weapons
      * grind/hone all useful abilities to high levels
      * plow through bosses

      FFRK is the first time i had to actually use a strategy, mainly because i can’t heal whenever i want, i can only have each character use two abilities, and i can’t grind past the level cap.

      1. That is only one way to play that game, there is actual strategy to the game that involved exploiting weaknesses of enemies or determining what parts of the game to play at what time. Grindfest was just the lazy mans method, but still a strategy, I personally never play this method.

        1. It wasn’t really a lazy method, especially after they started adding the Ultimate Weapon (or whatever name they used for the super bosses outside of the main story) and other uber bosses. If you were a completionist, then you would naturally have your characters maxed, all the sidequests done, all the super weapons found, and then you would eventually tackle these bosses. If you went into those fights with less than max, you would be killed off quickly. Those bosses usually didn’t have exploitable weaknesses that you could dick around with. Hell, most upper level story-line bosses usually didn’t have exploitable weaknesses, so you needed high level characters and abilities you could use more than once.

          1. You’re missing the point. You COULD muscle your way to the end game, but you’re insisting that because it’s possible to brute route, there is no strategy involved and that’s a fallacy. I’ve seen many impressive speed runs, solo runs and low level runs, many of which are played without tool assists, that seem impossible and are mind-boggling to even veteran RPG players. Post-game content is typically designed to challenge even maxed out parties with the best equipment and require patience and preparation to win.

          2. I wasn’t missing the point. Almost any game becomes easier if you home your characters and abilities. Every game has ways to exploit bosses – you aren’t breaking any new ground, and neither am i by using your so-called brute method. The original FF games (when compared to FFRK) allow you A LOT more flexibility than FFRK does. One could play any of them straight through and not take time to level characters and still beat the game, based solely on that flexibility (healing anywhere/anytime, bringing all abilities to every fight, etc). The more restrictions, the more creative you need to be…well, except for the AdvanRetaMetaTauntaliateShamalamaDingdong “strategy” that a lot of players use exclusively. SO yeah, there are many ways to play the game. Some are easier than others, some more creative, and some make more sense.

            Oh, and let them have their speed runs and whatnot. After devoting an average of 100-200 hours for each FF game, the last thing i would want to do is try to make it as hard as possible just to say that i did it.

          3. …. your entire argument was the game is just a grindfest, now you are swapping sides, you sir fail because all you are doing here is shooting out shit without realizing what you are saying, trying to create random arguments and not sticking behind what you say, thus your opinions are now worthless since it has no merit to it, and going forward shall be ignored by me.

          4. I’m not swapping sides. I was admitting that the other side CAN be done, but it is generally easier to grind through the games. That isn’t swapping sides, that is just agreeing that there is more than one way to do things. Last i checked, being open to other ideas isn’t a bad thing, unless you are a politician. By grinding and going through with a max team, you don’t need to exploit weaknesses because your characters already hit for 9999.

            There’s a difference between saying that one way is better and saying that one way is the ONLY way. I never said that grinding was the ONLY way, just the easier or more convenient way. I realize fully what i am saying. I am having a discussion, not an argument. If it were an argument, then i would go and say that my way was the ONLY way. Jesus, talk about failing…try a little reading comprehension before you start accusing people of nonsense.

  4. nomura is destroying ffvii… he thinks this is kingdom hearts or sth. people want traditional rpgs thats why they shifted to the mobile gaming, ffrk is the game that made them the most money after ffxi , its not just for nostlagia reasons, its because people that started playing rpgs like turn based rpgs.

    if we wanted to play action games ,we could have played bayonetta or god of war. there are 10 thousand action games out there. to the people that say turn based is a thing of the past they should check why pokemon is so succesfull, and why ni no kuni was so amazing. the last good ff games were the psx ones. and there is a reason for that. some say its not 1997 ,i wish it was,then gaming was awesome, now its generic trash game after generic trash game. games so influenced by the west that you can find 1 gem and play in 2 years time. the one thing they shouldnt had changed is the battle system and thats what that idiot nomura did, he failed to make versus xiii and now he destroys vii remake.

    they are idiots…

  5. i have a feeling that the turn based rpg is still there.

  6. All they needed to do was update the graphics, clean up the translation dialogue, and make the story a tad more coherent. People blathering on about turn based being out of date are morons with no attention span. “Dur, I lik to buton mash,” “the fasterr i mash, the beter me am at game”
    The kingdom hearts style of gameplay (if thats what this is) was ok, but across every KH game, it was never as enjoyable as turn based. If it is anything like 13, only nostalgia may get me to try the game.
    For those saying FF13 was turn based and sucked,FF13 was technically turn based, but set up in such a stupid manner that it was a bad mish-mash of action, where you needed to be quick and agile, but couldn’t dodge, and turn based, where you need to select your actions with strategy, but have no time do so appropriately, so you spend the entire game “auto-battling” Yay, so much fun.
    The turn based combat works and it worked so very well with this game, but it looks more and more like the remake will have one of the newer styles of combat, which are not nearly as engrossing. Easier, faster, more accessible (to troglodytes)sure, but improved? nope.

    1. FF XIII is probably as refreshingly turn-based as one can get in a fully 3D game without reusing the combat system of XII, which is something Square and Square Enix never want to do with any of their single-player games (reusing old combat systems). The problem is that many people want fully immersive, realistic games, neither idea being hugely compatible with turn-based combat. That being said, if you have played the XV demo, SE’s real-time combat seems promising, given that in the demo it seems to not be as much about mashing buttons as it is about mixing and matching weapons and abilities to achieve efficiency. I’d imagine they’d do something similar for VII to keep it interesting. The thing I can really see “engrossing” about turn based combat is if you are a turn away from living or dying, which way it goes depending on your actions, and while this perhaps builds more suspense than real-time action, in all other aspects it does provide the realistic experience – which can also be suspenseful at times – that consumers now crave.

      By the way, in XIII, you can technically dodge on command, but given its use of the ATB bar (which is, in real combat, sensible for taking actions to forbid other actions) it is merely relegated to the same basically-unused category as shields are when playing some of the 2D games. And while it may seem that way at first, there is far more than just auto-battling going on in the combat. Especially when fighting later bosses and even regular enemies, it can get pretty hectic rapidly switching between paradigms. Some of the trick is in just selecting the right paradigms – if you don’t use the right setup for certain bosses or fights, it’s basically guaranteed you’re going to die.

  7. Neeeeeeeeed this NOW! 🙂

  8. C’mon. I want to see what they do with the Hell House. Who cares about the scorpion mech.

  9. Hopefully they didn’t change the fight system too much, really don’t need a reskinned/themed version of 13…..

  10. Guys if you don’t like the Battle system just go and play the old version, this is a REMAKE of the game doesn’t mean they will do exactly the same as the other games, i actually like all the battle system they used in every game even from the 1-13 battle system or even the Type-0 system i actually enjoy more the game with a good story behind is not all the battle system,

    and for last if you don’t like the game just not buy it.

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