Flying Fortress (Elite)

[4] FF1 Flying Fortress Difficulty 78

[Total required stamina: 86]

1F Stamina 17, Stages 3, experience value 7062
2F Stamina 17, Stages 3, experience value 6100
3F Stamina 17, Stages 3, experience value 7223
4F Stamina 17, Stages 3, experience value 7223
5F Stamina 18, Stages 1, experience value 4110
[Emerging enemy] Troll, Sphinx, Lesser Tiger, Death Knight
[Boss fight] Tiamat

Tiamat ~ 151,500 HP.

Notice it’s not resistant to Petrification?

Boss name Tiamat Advent location Flying Fortress
Fire Ice Lightning Earth Wind
Water Holy Dark Poison  
State abnormal resistance Poison / silence / paralysis / confusion / blind / sleep / death sentence / instant death / regeneration
Behavior patterns
Attack Deal physical damage to one target.
Icestorm Deal moderate ice damage to all targets.
Thunderbolt Deal heavy lightning damage to all targets.
Blaze Deal heavy fire damage to all targets.
Poison Gas Deal moderate poison damage and Poison all targets.

Master reward Major Power Orb × 1, Greater Wind Orb × 1
Clear reward Gill × 15000
First clear reward Mythril × 1, Stamina Shard × 1
Special score conditions Don’t Die


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