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EX Daily


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  1. It’s exactly what I was hoping to find, thxpeeps.

  2. In Gil Ghost Ship the Dragon absorbs fire, you wrote that it is weak 🙂

  3. Would doing a full Hard run on Sunday earn me more XP/stamina than just doing 1 round in heroic?

    1. The EXP/stamina on Heroic is about double that of Hard. You’re better off doing the first part of Heroic, leaving if you need to, and coming back if you can get at least the Expert level. If you’re hitting Novice in Heroic and Champion in Hard, do the Hard instead for the completion bonuses. Haven’t tried the + dungeon yet (since they were announced today so it’s not an option) but I assume it’ll be similar with more EXP/Stamina than the lower levels.

      1. I’ve noticed that the jump in XP per actual battle between Normal/Hard is about 2.5x greater. Even taking into account the few eggs you get for finishing Normal, this is WAY more worth it; however, I still struggle a little bit with Hard. Is the boost in XP similar on Heroic? If I could even manage the first battle with my full party alive and cash in repeatedly off that it would really boost me faster. Still sitting in the low 40s on my primary team.

  4. Is there any chart for the Daily ++ yet?

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