Gapra Whitewood

[1] FF13 Gapra Whitewood Difficulty 56 

[Total required stamina: 51]

ffrk_grapawhitewood Stamina 15, Stages 3, experience value 3510
Stamina 15, Stages 3, experience value 3510
Stamina 15, Stages 3, experience value 3510
Stamina 15, Stages 3, experience value 3510
Stamina 16, Stages 1, experience value 1788
[Boss Fight] Aster Protoflorian

It changes element every round and will be indicated on the message box above


Boss name Aster Protoflorian Advent location Gapra Whitewood
Tolerance Fire mode
[weakness] Ice [absorption] Fire [mitigation] Lightning / Wind / Earth / Water [Disable] –
Ice Mode
[weakness] Fire [absorption] Ice [mitigation] Lightning / Wind / Earth / Water Disabled –
▼ Lightning mode
[weakness] Water [absorption] Lightning [mitigation] Fire / ice / Earth / wind [Disable] –
Water mode
[weakness] Lightning [absorption] Water [mitigation] Fire / ice / Earth / wind [Disabled] –
State abnormal resistance Poison / silence / paralysis / confusion / Slow / stop
darkness / sleep / petrify / death sentence / instant death
Behavior patterns


Master reward Greater White Orb × 3, Stamina Shard × 1
Clear reward Gil × 12000
First clear reward Mythril × 1, Tyro Memory Crystal × 1 (classic) Cloud Memory Crystal x 1 (Elite)
Special score conditions Exploit Aster Protoflorian’s Weakness to Fire Attack
Exploit Aster Protoflorian’s Weakness to Ice Attack
Exploit Aster Protoflorian’s Weakness to Lightning Attack

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  1. Pain in the butt fight. If he goes into Lightning mode, he’s not weak to any of the three elements you need to exploit for the score conditions. Had to sit around waiting for him to switch stances and let him just beat on my party. Annoying more than difficult.

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