Gizamaluke’s Grotto

[4] FF9 Gizamaluke’s Grotto Difficulty 69 

[Total required stamina: 65]

Entrance Stamina 16, Stages 3, experience value 4278
Cave Stamina 16, Stages 3, experience value 4278
Pledge cave Stamina 16, Stages 3, experience value 4278
Mai-shin窟 Stamina 17, Stages 1, experience value 2182
[Boss Fight] Gizamaluke

HP is about 100,000. To counter measures, if you attack hitting the main to prepare such Bokyaru in the case of power break, magic main.
Because the thunder and wind weakness, Thunder swords and Sandara, and challenge by preparing and aero swords and Kamaitachi is called.

Boss name Gizamaluke Advent location Gizamaluke’s Grotto
Tolerance [Weakness] Lightning, wind [absorption] – [mitigation] ice [Disabled] Earth
State abnormal resistance Poison / paralysis / confusion / Slow / Stop
sleeping / petrify / death sentence / instant death / regen
Behavior patterns  

Master reward Greater Black Orb × 3, Stamina Shard × 1
Clear reward Gil × 12000
First clear reward Greater Ice Orb × 1, Mythril × 1
Special score conditions Exploit Gizamaluke’s weakness to Lightning Attack
Exploit Gizamaluke’s weakness to Wind Attack


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  1. I really like this site and never really had a problem with other explanations, but this one doesn’t make sense after “HP is about 100,000. ” Sorry to be negative about it, it’s just how it is.

  2. Google translate? What I understood was to use the thunder/a strikes and thunders magic, as well as Aero strike and Wind slash. And also to use power break, I guess….

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