Guess the Next Event!

Guess most of you should have gotten your Sephiroth by now. It’s time to guess what’s the next event!

The following characters were released in the Japan server after the current Shinra Event, thus most likely one of them will be the next.

Let’s have a popularity test and See which of these characters you would want to obtain first!

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PS: I’ve also updated the rough guide for Cecil and Aeris, you can check them out here



Updated: April 7, 2015 — 4:01 am


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  1. Well, they just announced it, it will be Cecil since we’re heading for Mt Ordeals 🙂

  2. I hope its a new summon

  3. I’m actually VERY upset I didn’t get Sephiroth. The moment I was in the final level, the event is over. (I had to level grind some characters and refill my stamina, sighs) 🙁

    Here’s hoping there’s still another chance for me to get Sephiroth. I still feel so upset, welp.

    1. I’ve read that events in the Jap version are in rotation, so I think you’ll get another chance to get him later on

      1. If the characters are in rotation, then what happens if you already have the character when it comes back around? Is there any sort of incentive, or do you just already have the reward?

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