Imperial Camp (Elite)

Imperial Camp (Elite)
 ffrk_ff6map_imperialcamp Stage Stamina Rounds EXP
Imperial Camp – Entrance 15 3 5,085
Imperial Camp – Northeast 15 3 5,085
Imperial Camp – Northeast 15 3 5,085
Imperial Camp – Center 15 3 5,085
Imperial Camp – West 15 3 5,085
Imperial Camp – Exit 16 3 5,148
Boss Weakness Lightning
Boss Absorb
Boss Resist
Boss Immune Paralyze / KO Petrify / Doom / Poison
Special Boss Clear Condition Exploit the Magitek Armor’s weakness to lightning attacks.
Clear Reward 3,500 Gil
Master Reward Greater Black Orb x5, Stamina Shard x1
First Clear Reward Stamina Shard x1, Mythril x1

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  1. Just beat this. Aerith as healer (Cura, Curaga), Rydia as BLM (Thundara, Ramuh), then Cloud (Thunder Strike), Tifa, and Tidus as attackers. Tidus had Sleep Buster and put one to sleep. Tifa had Power Break for the ones not asleep. Aerith’s Soul Break CAN LAND ‘STOP’ ON ALL 3. Incredibly useful. Lost two tokens for damage taken, one for actions taken, but still got Master. Hope this helps.

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