Karnak Castle

[17-3] FF5 Karnak Castle Difficulty 40 

[Total required stamina: 41]

Crystal Room Stamina 10, Stages 3, experience value 2556
B4F Stamina 10, Stages 3, experience value 2556
1F Stamina 10, Stages 3, experience value 2556
Outdoors Stamina 11, Stages 3, experience value 3068
[Boss Fight] Iron Claw

Boss name Iron Claw Advent location Karnak Castle
Tolerance [Weakness] – [absorption] – [mitigation] – Disabled –
State abnormal resistance ▼ Iron Claw (sergeant state / transformation later)
stop, petrify, sentence of death, immediate death
Behavior patterns ▼ Iron Claw Sergeant state
, fight, claw (single in special and physical damage additional effect: paralysis)
▼ after the Iron Claw makeover
-Desukuro (the HP percentage damage to a single)
▼ Carnac

Master reward Fire Orb × 3, Stamina Shard × 1
Clear reward Gill × 3000
First clear reward Mythril × 1, Stamina Shard × 1
Special score conditions Defeat Iron Claw before he use his special skill
Dungeon release after clear FF5 Library of the Ancients

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