[16-1] FF10 Kilika Difficulty 37 

[Total required stamina: 52]

Pier Stamina 10, Stages 3, experience value 2322
Broken nearly house Stamina 10, Stages 3, experience value 3096
Entrance Stamina 10, Stages 3, experience value 2709
Crossroads Stamina 11, Stages 3, experience value 3208
Kirika temple approach Stamina 11, Stages 3, experience value 3595
[Boss Fight]▼ Lord Ochu
HP is about 25000.
Can be paralyze 

Boss name Lord Ochu Advent location Kilika
Tolerance [Weakness] Fire [absorption] – [mitigation] – [Disabled] –
State abnormal resistance Sentenced / instant death of poison / darkness / petrify / death
Behavior patterns Duc nails (single subject special physical attributes damage additional effect: poison)
, water-sleep (a single in the regenerative state)
, earthquakes (in damage of the land attributes to the whole)
* a chance against earthquakes physical attributes attack in counter

▼ Sinspawn Geneaux
HP about 22000.

・After taking a certain amount of damage in its Within Shell form, Sinspawn Geneaux enters its Attack Posture form.
・Genaux’s Tentacles nullify any magic attacks directed at Sinspawn Geneaux.

Destroy the tentacles first, then go for the body. The body is vulnerable to fire, but the tentacles absorb water!

For a short time if you use Fire element on him, you’ll do 9999 after he’s out of his shell

Boss name Sinspawn Geneaux Advent location Kilika
Tolerance ▼ Sinspawn Geneaux (outer shell state) / (at the time of offensive)
[weakness] Fire [absorption] Water [mitigation] – [Disable] –
▼ tentacle
[weakness] – [absorption] Water [mitigation] ice / thunder Disabled –
State abnormal resistance ▼ Sinspawn Geneaux (Within Shell)
poison / confusion / stop / darkness / petrify / death Sen /  instant death
▼ tentacles
poison / silence / confusion / stop / darkness / sleep / petrify / death sentence / instant death
Behavior patterns
Sinspawn Geneaux (Within Shell)
Sigh Deal non-elemental damage to all targets.
Sinspawn Geneaux (Attack Posture)
Water Deal water damage to one target.
Venom Deal special physical damage and Poison one target.
Barrage Deal physical damage to all targets.
Geneaux’s Tentacle
Attack Deal physical damage to one target.


Master reward Dark Orb × 3, Stamina Shard × 1
Clear reward Gill × 3000
First clear reward Mythril × 1, Stamina Shard × 1
Special score conditions Exploit Lord Ochu to Fire Attacks
Exploit Sinspawn Geneaux to Fire Attacks
Dungeon release after clear FF10 Luca

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  1. Ochu drops Earth Orb.

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