Macalania Lake (Elite)


[6] FF10 Macalania Lake Difficulty 91 

[Total required stamina: 40]

Crevasse, Part 1
Stamina 18, Stages 3, experience value 5586
Crevasse, Part 2
Stamina 18, Stages 3, experience value 5586
Lake surface Stamina 19, Stages 3, experience value 8477
[Emerging enemy] Funguar, Aerouge, Murussu, Guado Guardian
[Boss fight] Wendigo

HP – Wendigo 141,000 | Guado Guardian 28,000

– Protectga, Power Breakdown
– Blind
– Defeat Guards first as they can dispel your Blind
– Sleep is another alternative for mage teams.


Boss name Wendigo Advent location Macalania Lake
Fire Ice Lightning Earth Wind
Water Holy Dark Poison  
State abnormal resistance ▼ Wendigo
Poison / Paralyze / Confuse / Slow / Stop / Petrify / Doom / Instant KO / Berserk
▼Guado Guardian
Paralyze / Confuse / Slow / Stop / Sleep
Behavior patterns
Attack Deal physical damage to one target.
Double Punch Deal moderate physical damage to one target twice in a row.
Wendigo (Counter Stance)
Attack Deal physical damage to one target.
Guado Guardian
Attack Deal physical damage to one target.
Blizzara Deal moderate ice damage to one target.
Thundara Deal moderate lightning damage to one target.
Protect Grant Protect to one target.
Eye Drops Remove Blind from one target.


Master reward Greater White Orb × 3, Greater Ice Orb × 1
Clear reward Gill × 16000
First clear reward Mythril × 1, Stamina Shard × 1
Special score conditions Defeat Wendigo without being KO’d.

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