Moonflow (Elite)

[2] FF10 Moonflow Difficulty 81 

[Total required stamina: 73]

South Bank Road
Stamina 18, Stages 3, experience value 4992
South Bank Road
Stamina 18, Stages 3, experience value 4992
Stamina 18, Stages 3, experience value 4992
River Depths
Stamina 19, Stages 1, experience value 4258
[Emerging enemy] Funguar, Simurgh, Sahagin Chief, White Element
[Boss fight] Extractor

HP – 113,500

– Slowga
– Lightning Abilities
– When Deploying Depth Charges, you can only hit it with range attacks/abilities

Boss name Extractor Advent location Moonflow
Fire Ice Lightning Earth Wind
Resist Resist VULNERABLE
Water Holy Dark Poison  
Resist Resist

State abnormal resistance Poison / Silence / Paralyze / Confuse / Stop / Blind / Sleep / Petrify / Doom / Instant KO / Berserk
Behavior patterns
Extractor (Normal)
Attack Deal physical damage to one target.
Aqua Shooter Deal moderate water damage to one target.
Extractor (Deploying Depth Charges)
Depth Charges Deal massive physical damage and Blind all targets.

Master reward Large Scarletite × 3, Stamina Shard × 1
Clear reward Gill × 16000
First clear reward Greater Power Orb × 1, Mythril × 1
Special score conditions 1. Exploit the Extractor’s weakness to lightning attacks.
2. Defeat the Extractor before it releases depth charges.

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