Mount Gulg

[13-3] FF1 Mount Gulg Difficulty 36 

[Total required stamina: 46]

B1F Stamina 9, Stages 3, experience value 3315
B2F Stamina 9, Stages 3, experience value 3402
B3F Stamina 9, Stages 3, experience value 4188
B4F Stamina 9, Stages 3, experience value 3926
Crystal of altar Stamina 10, Stages 3, experience value 3686
[Boss fight] Marilith

HP is about 23000.

Boss name Marilith Advent location Mount Gulg
Tolerance [Weakness] – [absorption] – [mitigation] – [Disabled] Fire / ice / lightning
State abnormal resistance Confusion / stop / petrify / death of the declaration / instant death
Behavior patterns • The fight filer, brine (total darkness)
and hold (the entire paralysis)

Master reward Fire Orb × 3, Stamina Shard × 1
Clear reward Gill × 2500
First clear reward Mythril × 1, Stamina Shard × 1
Special score conditions Blind or Sleep boss
Dungeon release after clear FF3 Altar cave


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  1. there are two special scores, so you need to blind AND sleep boss to get both.

  2. Mobs drop 2* Ogrekiller don’t know which from Mount Gulg B3F

  3. This boss is awful. Can cast an AoE blind and an AoE paralyze, and does so OFTEN. Had to save and load half a dozen times to get the boss to stop doing that long enough for me to blind the boss myself.

    Lost one token for actions taken, two for damage taken, and three for not landing Sleep. Still Mastered the dungeon because I didn’t lose any tokens anywhere else.

    1. For the boss use silence. Makes things ALOT easier. Aerith’s seal evil is your new friend. if you silence boss you can take your time to blind and sleep the boss and it’ll just say nothing happens when the boss uses specials on you.

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