Mount Hobs

Mount Hobs
 ffrk_ff4map_mthobs Stage Stamina Rounds EXP
Mount Hobs – 3rd Station  4  3  540
Mount Hobs – 5th Station  4  3  540
Mount Hobs – 7th Station  4  3  540
Mount Hobs – Summit 5  4  783
Boss Weakness Ice, Water, Dark (Small and big form),
Boss Absorb Fire
Boss Resist Lightning (Small and big form only)
Boss Immune Doom, Sleep, Paralyze, Petrify, Confuse, Silence, Poison. KO, Blind
Special Boss Clear Condition Exploit the Mom Bomb’s weakness to ice attacks.

Defeat the Mom Bomb without being KO’d.

Exploit the Mom Bomb’s weakness to dark attacks.

Unlock Dungeon  Fabul Castle
Master Clear Unlock Dungeon  Mount Hobs (Elite)
Clear Reward  700 Gil
Master Reward  Minor Holy Orb x 5, Stamina Shard x 1
First Clear Reward  Mythril x 1, Stamina Shard x 5

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