Mt. Kolts

Mt. Kolts
 ffrk_ff6map_mountkolts Stage Stamina Rounds EXP
Mt. Kolts – Path  5  3  1192
Mt. Kolts – Suspension Bridge  5  3  1192
Mt. Kolts – Passage  5  3  1043
Mt. Kolts – Hidden Passage  5  3  1341
Mt. Kolts – Sky Vault  5  3  1341
Mt. Kolts – Descent  6  3  1057
Boss Weakness  Vargas – Poison

 Ipooh – Fire

Boss Absorb  –
Boss Resist  –
Boss Immune  KO, Poison, Confuse, Paralyze, Petrify, Doom, Sleep, Silence (Vargas only)
Special Boss Clear Condition  Exploit Ipooh’s weakness to fire attacks.

Defeat Vargas without being KO’d.

Unlock Dungeon  Imperial Camp
Master Clear Unlock Dungeon  Mt. Kolts(Elite)
Clear Reward  700 Gil
Master Reward  Heavy Shield** (VI) x 1, Stamina Shard x 1
First Clear Reward  Mythril x 1, Stamina Shard x 1


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  1. Thanks for putting this guide together! Finally beat this Dungeon after like 5 tries up this mountain!

    Vargas was immune to poison (you have it listed as a weakness)

    Fire on Ipooh def did the trick!

    Journey on!

    1. it’s on the wiki, i believe poison means bios which will be released later

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