New Year’s Celebration Underway!

FFRK is hosting the New Year’s Celebration campaign to start 2017 off right!

New Year’s Gift

Anyone who logs in during the event duration will receive a whopping 25 Mythril and a New Year stamp!

12:00 AM 1/1 PST (8:00 AM 1/1 UTC) to 11:59 PM 1/7 PST (7:59 AM 1/8 UTC)

Gift Content

25 Mythril
“Happy New Year” stamp

New Year’s Login Bonus

We’ll also be giving out generous login bonuses each day for the first week of the new year.
Log in each day of the campaign for generous rewards (up to 10 in total)!
* Login periods change at 5:00 AM PST (1:00 PM UTC) each day.


5:00 AM 1/1 PST (1:00 PM 1/1 UTC) to 4:59 AM 1/11 PST (12:59 PM 1/11 UTC)

Login Bonuses

1st Day: Chocobo Wing (X)
2nd Day: 10 Giant Adamantite
3rd Day: 10 Giant Scarletite
4th Day: 5 Mythril
5th Day: 217,217 Gil
6th Day: 1 Dark Matter (5★)
7th Day: 1 Rosetta Stone
8th Day: Fat Chocobo (a 4★ summon ability)
9th Day: 10 Major Growth Eggs
10th Day: Chocobo Suit (V)

Limited Time Title Screen & Music

Log in to enjoy a New Year’s background as well as the Special Medley Arrangement – FFRK Ver. arrange vol. 2 background music.

Special Title Screen Duration

5:00 AM 1/1 PST (1:00 PM 1/1 UTC) to 4:59 AM 1/11 PST (12:59 PM 1/11 UTC)

Make sure to enjoy this music exclusive to FFRK during the campaign!

Updated: December 31, 2016 — 1:06 pm

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