North Mountain (Elite)

North Mountain (Elite)
 ffrk_ff5map_northmountain Stage Stamina Rounds EXP
North Mountain – Cavern 14 3 2,556
North Mountain – Pathway 14 3 2,556
North Mountain – Mountainside Cave 14 3 2,556
North Mountain – 5th Station 14 3 2,556
North Mountain – 8th Station 15 4 3,981
Boss Weakness
Boss Absorb
Boss Resist
Boss Immune Magissa – Petrify / Paralyze / KO / Sleep / Confuse / Doom
Forza – Doom / KO / Petrify
Special Boss Clear Condition Afflict Forza with Sleep
Afflict Magissa with Silence.
Clear Reward 3,500 Gil
Master Reward Greater Black Orb x3, Stamina Shard x1
First Clear Reward Stamina Shard x1, Mythril x1

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  1. Hardest boss(es) in the game by far. I am a crappy moderator, but I could just never beat these guys even though I’ve already dropped $200+ on this game (and I always post my 11 pulls on the front page). Please don’t downvote me. Anyways, use the save and reload trick to land some debuffs, like sleep and blind and silence to the lady boss. She is pretty hot. Maybe she will like me because I am the moderator of /r/FFrecordkeeper, the subreddit I own.

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