Positioning and Weapons

What do “front row” and “back row” refer to?

Characters can be placed in either the front or back row. Those in the front row deal more damage but also receive more damage from enemies.
Characters standing at the back row reduces damage dealt and received. Characters that focus on close-range attacks should be placed in the front row. Mages, bow users and so on should be placed in the back row, since the damage from magic and long-range attacks is not reduced when used from the back row.
Here’s a table of each weapon’s range:
Weapon type Target Distance
Dagger Simple Near
Sword Simple Near
Axe Simple Near
Hammer Simple Near
Spear Simple Near
Fist Simple Near
Rod Simple Near
Staff Simple Near
Bow Simple Distant
Musical instrument Simple Distant
Whip Simple Distant
Thrown Simple Distant
Book Simple Near
Bare hands (no equipment) Simple Near


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    1. Simple target, Distant range (which seems obvious).

      Site is going to need to update this list soon seeing how it’s missing guns, hairpins currently. It looks like soon they’re adding arm cannons which means Barret should be coming soon, and Cards, which I hope means Setzer is coming also

      1. It also needs a going over to be in actual English and not Google Autotranslate.

  1. Missing Blitzball and Hairpin

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