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**Note** – This article references future content released in JPN, and is subject to change when released to the Global version of FF:RK

Please inform Zephryl of any errors in this article, especially any factual errors rather than spelling/grammar.


So, some of the longstanding FFRK players (Or those with deeper pockets than myself), have started to come to the end of the currently available content. They’ve hit that lucrative 78 Stamina Shards, their team is all hitting 50 and they’re twiddling their thumbs waiting for new content to drop.

Well, never fear! There is work you can do right now that will save you time in the future! In this case it happens to be “Record Materia”.

Record Materia

“What is Record Materia?” I hear you ask, well, it happens to be a system that allows you to “Equip” bonus effects that you gain from each character. Character have between zero and two Record Materias available, with more added over time presumably (It would seem there may be third ones being released in JPN), and you gain them by either completing dungeons (Some are limited to Events) and/or performing specific actions with specific characters (I.e Defeat X Boss without Y character being K.O’d).

It seems that characters need to be level 50 or higher for you to unlock their Record Materia, I’m not sure if the second (Or third) Record Materia needs a higher level, it very well may.

Once you unlock a Record Materia, you can use it on ANY character, but like equipment and abilities, you can’t use it on more than one character at once (Unless you unlock ones with the same effects from multiple sources).


Current Characters – Freely Available

Since this is a guide to prepare for the future, there’s not a whole lot of point listing unavailable characters, these are all of the currently available non-event characters, in no particular order.

  • Cloud

Materia 1: Deal 10% extra damage when Equipped with a Sword.

Materia 2: Chance to Riposte when taking damage.

Both of these Materia sound top notch. Swords are a very commonly used equipment, and a counterattack speaks for itself in usefulness. As an added bonus, Cloud should already be one of your highest levelled characters.

  • Tyro

Materia 1: Deal 10% extra damage with elemental Vulnerability.

Materia 2: Deal 20% extra damage with elemental Vulnerability.

Tyro is a controversial character, but his Record Materia speak for themselves.

  • White Mage

Materia 1: Chance to regain 1 Ability Use for ‘White Magic’ at start of Battle.

Materia 2: Regain 1 Ability Use for ‘White Magic’ at start of Battle.

What to say? The ability to use two spells before a boss when trash is hitting hard, or you get an unlucky crit on you, and replenish back to full casts (Or, at least one more than you had if you use multiple casts) is outstandingly useful. Doubly so for those Dungeons that have multiple boss battles, which we’ll presumably be seeing more of in future.

  • Black Mage

Materia 1: Chance to regain 1 Ability Use for ‘Black Magic’ at start of Battle.

Materia 2: Regain 1 Ability Use for ‘Black Magic’ at start of Battle.

Exactly like the White Mage’s, except it applies to Black Magic instead. I’d personally say that White Mage is more important than Black Mage, as not every dungeon requires Black Magic, but still an excellent Materia.

  • Summoner

Materia 1: Chance to regain 1 Ability Use for ‘Summons’ at start of Battle.

Materia 2: Regain 1 Ability Use for ‘Summons’ at start of Battle.

Summons main weakness is their terrible usage and high crafting cost. This Materia alleviates some of this, at least somewhat anyway, and while it’s not a Materia for everyone it’s definitely worth considering.

  • Wakka

Materia 1: Chance to pre-emptive strike at the start of a battle.

Materia 2: Gain 100% accuracy on the ‘Attack’ command.

Wakka is a great Support character and also one of the few ranged characters (If you like ranged). His first Materia sounds great, though I’m not sure how big the chance actually is. His second Materia seems like one that would be fairly mediocre. Not bad, but one you’d probably not use if you had other options.

  • Kain

Materia 1: Deals 10% extra on ‘Jump’ ability.

Materia 2: ‘Confused’ at start of battle, but ATK and DEF increase by 20%.

Since Dragoon’s don’t gain ‘Jump’ as their default attack, his first Materia is fairly useless, but Confuse is a very easy to cure Status Ailment so unless that particular confuse is un-removable it’s a fairly safe stat increase.

  • Bard

Materia 1: Deal 10% extra damage when Equipped with an Instrument.

Materia 2: ‘Attack’ command deals 40% less damage, but is now Area of Effect (AoE).

Bard is a completely useless character from the core realm, but his second Materia may be worth the hassle of levelling him, if only for easier and faster farming of lower level areas.

  • Rydia

Materia 1: Gain ‘Shell’ when HP is Critical (Once per battle).

Materia 2: Summons deals 15% extra damage.

Her first Materia is by and large useless, as you don’t want to land in a HP Critical condition at all, but her second Materia is situationally very useful. Not for everyone, but for those of you that love Summons this is a good one.

  • Ranger

Materia 1: Deal 10% extra damage when Equipped with a Bow.

Materia 2: 10% chance that ‘Attack’ Command will trigger ‘Rapid Fire’ which deals 70% of your attack damage four times.

If you use Bows, then Materia 1 is very useful, if you don’t then you should level this guy for Materia 2 anyway. While I’m unsure if it’s random targetting, or attacks the target you ‘Attack’ed, should be pretty useful for bosses without body-part counter-attacks.

  • Cyan

Materia 1: Deal 10% extra damage when Equipped with a Katana.

Materia 2: Gain ‘Retaliate’ when HP is Critical (Once per battle).

Katanas are very rare, in fact as of the first edition of this article there are only two available (One of which is a 5*, and one is event exclusive), if you happen to have Sephiroph and his 5* Katana, it may be worth getting his Materia 1, otherwise I’d not bother. His Materia 2 is another HP Critical one, which aren’t worth investing in.

  • Red Mage

Materia 1: Chance that ‘Attack’ command will cast ‘Fire’.

Materia 2: N/A

A chance, probably not a good one, that his attack will instead be (Or in addition?) the 1* Black Magic ‘Fire’. Fairly underwhelming, although in the future his Materia 2 may be a guaranteed replacement which could be interesting.

  • Josef

Materia 1: ‘Sapped’ at start of battle, but deals 19% extra damage, and takes 8% less damage.

Materia 2: ‘Attack’ command uses ‘Double Hit’ which attacks twice, each hit dealing 65% damage.

‘Sap’ is fairly annoying, but I think the damage is fairly low, the usability of Materia 1 depends entirely upon how long the Sap actually lasts. His Materia 2 sounds excellent, essentially replacing the ‘Attack’ command with a slightly weaker ‘Double Cut’ Ability.

  • Knight

Materia 1: N/A

Materia 2: N/A

In a true testament to his Knightly devotion, the ‘Knight’ character has been too focused to actually learn any Record Materia, and is a complete and total waste of time currently.

  • Snow

Materia 1: Reduces damage dealt by 17%, and reduces damage received by 7%.

Materia 2: Increases DEF as HP decreases.

I don’t particularly see either of these as being very useful. 7% is a minor reduction in damage, and most likely you’re being killed in single attacks anyway so increasing your DEF isn’t that great… but then I suppose it all depends on how much it increases it. One to keep an eye on, I suppose, but not one I recommend prioritising.

  • Gordon

Materia 1: Increases RES as HP decreases.

Materia 2: Casts ‘Protect’ on self at start of battle.

His first is the RES version of Snow’s second, so the same thought applies, however his second… Looks very amazing. Auto-protect, very helpful for squishier characters.

  • Warrior of Light

Materia 1: Gain ‘Shell’ when HP is Critical (Once per battle).

Materia 2: ‘Attack’ command deals Holy elemental damage.

Eugh, another HP Critical one, we’ll be ignoring that. His second one, however, is pretty handy. Won’t always have the ability slots to take a mediocre skill along for Holy damage, so having another source of it is lovely.

  • Luneth

Materia 1: Increases ‘Wind’ elemental damage by 10%.

Materia 2: Casts ‘Haste’ on self at start of battle.

Luneth’s first Materia has its places, I’m sure, but we don’t have a lot of sources of Wind damage, so it’ll be very specific fights it’ll be used in. His second Materia, on the other hand… Auto Haste… There’s never a situation where this isn’t helpful.

  • Vivi

Materia 1: Increases ‘Black Magic’ damage by 10% when equipped with a ‘Rod’ weapon.

Materia 2: Increases ‘Magic Damage’ by 37%, but also increases damage taken by 10%

Vivi is certainly living up to his “Glass Cannon” name, but both of his Materia are very useful. He’s already fragile enough, so I’d probably keep the Rod one for him, and save the second Materia for a tankier BM like Terra.

  • Fran

Materia 1: Casts ‘Berserk’ on self at start of battle.

Materia 2: Increases damage by 20% when equipped with a ‘Bow’ weapon.

Genuinely not sure what to think about Fran’s. The most useful ranged weapons generally aren’t Bows, although Bows are the most widely usable… Auto Berserk I think would have its place, but, I probably wouldn’t prioritize getting it.

  • Irvine

Materia 1: Increased ATK and DEF based on missing Party Members (20% per missing member)

Materia 2: Increases damage by 20% when equipped with a ‘Gun’ weapon.

Amazing for solo-levelling melee characters, and Guns are good enough that 20% increase wouldn’t go astray. All in all, a good one.

  • Arc

Materia 1: Water element damage is increased by 10%.

Materia 2: Casts ‘Shell’ on self at start of battle.

Amazing in every way, really. Water may not be used much, but, extra damage is extra damage. And a free Shell? No complaints to that.

  • Refia

Materia 1: Fire element damage is increased by 10%.

Materia 2: Casts ‘Protect’ on self at start of battle.

All the pros of Arc’s, with the benefit of Fire being more widely used.

  • Red XIII

Materia 1: Casts ‘Reflect’ on self at start of battle.

Materia 2: Gain ‘Regen’ when HP is Critical (Once per battle).

Reflect at the start of battle is mediocre, doubt you’d use it over anything else, and even though the Regen is the 5% heal rather than 3%, it’s… still a HP Critical move, which you basically never want. Maybe if there’s an enemy that spams a “Reduce HP to 1” move…

  • Gladiator

Materia 1: Increases damage by 10% when equipped with an ‘Axe’ weapon.

Materia 2: 10% chance to trigger a Critical when using the ‘Attack’ command.

Weapon materia are always nice, though not a priority for everyone, and I’m not entirely sure how the second one works. It might be a stronger critical, it might be an additional critical chance, it might just be a higher than usual critical chance.

  • Richard

Materia 1: ‘Sap’ at start of battle, but deal 20% more Damage.

Materia 2: 10% chance to use ‘Jump’ when using the ‘Attack’ command.

Sap is an incredibly weak status effect, so it could very well be worth it for the extra damage. ‘Jump’ is pretty weak, so I doubt it’ll either be worth using.



Current Characters – Event Only

And here are the characters only available from Events, this includes Tidus and Warrior who are currently only available for Early Players. These are listed in order of appearance (Or at least, their original JPN order of appearance).

  • Tidus

Materia 1: Gain ‘Haste’ when HP is Critical (Once per battle).

Materia 2: Attack command generates 2x Soul Gauge charge.

As a well stated Support user, Tidus is already a good character to level, with the addition of his second Materia he’s also a great investment for the future. While it may be quite situational, as some Soul Breaks are better than others, it’s definitely worth having. Unfortunately his first Materia is a bit underwhelming, as you ideally want to avoid being in HP Critical condition anyway.

  • Warrior

Materia 1: N/A

Materia 2: N/A

Obviously Warrior spent a little too much time hanging around with the Knight, and failed to pick up any useful Materia for us. Guess he just went from ‘Hardly any reason to use him’ to ‘No reason to use him’.

  • Cecil – PALADIN

Materia 1: Gain ‘Protect’ when HP is Critical (Once per battle).

Materia 2: Regain 8% of damage dealt as HP from ‘Attack’ command.

Like with Tidus, a HP Critical effect is largely useless as you never actually WANT to trigger it, but his second Materia is amazing to keep you topped up on HP during the trash.

  • Cecil – DARK KNIGHT

Materia 1: ‘Attack’ command deals 20% extra damage, but saps 5% of your HP.

Materia 2: ‘Attack’ command deals 30% extra damage, but saps 5% of your HP.

An interesting Materia for sure, it’s definitely not one everyone would want to get, but with some HP management you could be breezing through fights.

  • Tifa

Materia 1: Deal 10% extra damage when Equipped with a Fist weapon.

Materia 2: N/A

Only useful if you happen to use a Fist Weapon, without a second Materia she’s probably one to leave if you don’t plan to use Fists.

  • Sephiroph

Materia 1: Increase ATK up to 80% based on number of Party Members.

Materia 2: N/A

This is most likely an extra 20% damage for each empty party slot, based on Sephiroph’s character, possibly also working if a party member is K.O’d (But it may not). Either way, an excellent tool for solo levelling characters.

  • Aerith/Aeris

Materia 1: Holy Damage is increased by 10%.

Materia 2: N/A

Aerith, or Aeris if you prefer, has just one Materia currently and it’s fairly useless, as we rarely (If ever) use Holy elemental attaks.

  • Terra

Materia 1: Chance to regain 1 Ability Use for ‘Black Magic’ at start of Battle.

Materia 2: N/A

The same as Black Mage, but a better character. Presumably her Materia 2 will be the same as well, though it may not be… Also most likely that Black Mage’s Materia will become available first. It will allow multiple characters to use it though, if you want to have a Black Magic Party.

  • Celes

Materia 1: Chance that ‘Attack’ command will cast ‘Blizzard Strike’.

Materia 2: N/A

Alas, Celes has been loafing off with Warrior and Knight and hasn’t graced us with a Record Materia.

Celes now has her first Record Materia in JP, yay! It’s only a chance to cast, but useful for long fights against Ice weak enemies, especially if her second Materia completely replaces the attack command with it (It may not though).

  • Rinoa

Materia 1: Chance to restore 8% of damage dealt with ‘Attack’ command.

Materia 2: N/A


This is like Paladin Cecil’s second Materia, but only a chance. Most likely when she gets a second one it will be guaranteed, exactly the same. The usefulness of this depends entirely upon how high the chance actually is.

  • Reina / Lenna

Materia 1:  Increase Healing from White Magic by 10%.

Materia 2: N/A

Having taken lessons from Celes, this is yet another character than hasn’t deemed us worthy of a Record Materia.

**UPDATE**: Lenna now has a Record Materia, yaaay~ Seems fairly useful when we need to heal a lot, not bad at all. And a very useful character, so there’s really no reason not to grab this one.


  • Vanille

Materia 1: Chance to heal self when taking Physical damage.

Materia 2: N/A

This Materia depends entirely upon how much the heal is, and if it’s a flat amount, % of max HP, or based on any stats… Worth keeping an eye on!


  • Locke

Materia 1: N/A

Materia 2: N/A


You’re meant to be, like, a thief Locke. Steal a freakin’ Record Materia already.


  • Garnet

Materia 1: Gain ‘Regen’ when HP is Critical (Once per battle).

Materia 2: ‘Attack’ command now heals the Target.

Well her first Materia is the usual junk HP-Critical one that we don’t really care about… but her second, oho, her second one~ It’s amazing. Not entirely sure how it works with auto, but, you may end up healing enemies while you auto low level stages with it on. Fun times!


  • Squall

Materia 1:  ‘Attack’ deals extra damage, but fills less Soul Break Meter.

Materia 2: When using ‘Attack’ there’s a 10% chance to use “Gunblade”.

Materia 1 can be handy, especially if you don’t have a good SB or it’s one that’s not useful for that particular fight. Not entirely sure what Materia 2 does, I’m assuming it’s some kind of second attack, probably weaker.

  • Balthier

Materia 1: Casts ‘Haste’ on self at start of battle.

Materia 2: N/A

HASTE! That is pretty much all that needs to be said. No Materia 2 yet, but, HASTE!

  • Yuna

Materia 1: Heal slightly more when using ‘White Magic’

Materia 2: N/A

Nowhere near as good as White Mage’s second materia, but, gotta have something to use in the EX++ stages.

  • Quistis

Materia 1: Deals 10% more damage when attacking with an Elemental Weakness.

Materia 2: N/A

Looks like Quistis is getting the same Materia as Tyro, so having a second source of the 20% bonus one will be useful.

  • Selphie

Materia 1: There’s a 10% chance when using the ‘Attack’ command to instead cast Fire, Thunder or Blizzard.

Materia 2: N/A


I don’t foresee any situation where this is useful, to be perfectly honest. Low chance, weak spells, and there’s always that chance you’ll throw a spell they absorb or counterattack.


This guide lists all the characters up until the “Quistis/Selphie” event, including the “5th Dungeon” set of Heroes, if it has not been updated with new characters since then it may contain out of date information.

Thanks to the FF:RK subreddit “r/FFRecordKeeper” where the source information was shamelessly stolen from.


Updated: July 25, 2015 — 6:09 pm


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  1. So what exactly is the criteria to get these record materia?

    1. You need the character at level 50+, and then you need to perform a certain action. None of them can be obtained now, so I didn’t list them. It’s just so people know which characters they’ll want to level in advance.

      I think most Materia 1’s are from beating a certain stage (Either Classic, Elite or Event) and most Materia 2 drop randomly while using that character, or are from beating a certain stage without that character getting K.O’d. There are probably more ways to get them, but those ones I saw more often than others.

  2. Ok thanks, i was wondering about the soecifuc action. Well itll be a nice addition when it comes.

  3. These videos from Japan FFRK player lindmejo gave me a lot more good information about record materia as well.

  4. It’d be cool if there were a materia that made a character not receive exp so it wouldnt be wasted on a lvl 50 character.

  5. Zephryl will it auto unlock the record materia if X (stage) has already been completed/mastered. Or will you have to waste stamina doing it over again.

  6. Wakka’s second RM called AIM can hit any target regardless if that character is blinded. Just something to consider on certain bosses.

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