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  1. I just wanted to let you know it’s impossible to browse your website on my android. Whenever I tap on a category it immediately takes me to the main page of that category, which often has nothing on it. A drop down menu would work but the way it is now I can’t tap any sub menus.

    1. hey there thanx for the headsup. I’ve made a temporary place holder. Will beautify it when I have the time!

      1. Without a doubt you run the best Record Keeper wiki database I’ve come across. You have more comprehensive information than ffrkguide and probably ffrkforum.net . Keep up the phenomenal work and stay ahead of the game.

  2. Can you put Dungeon Update 7 on here as well?

  3. A good source of information for FFRK, however i find it very difficult to navigate to the page i want as i don’t know which update that chapter belong to. So i would recommend it to categorize the page through their respective FF Realm which is more transparent.

    1. THIS! It’s so hard to find a specific dungeon

      1. click on story dungeons from the bar and youll get that view

        also theres the option near the top of the dungeon view by update.

  4. when is the next dungeon update scheduled for? and what realms? cant seem to find a copy of that completion screen you get when you have finished all current dungeons for the last update.

  5. dungeon 15 guides pls ty!

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