Retaliate Meta

Alright Guys, now that Retaliate is out, I’m going to teach you guys the new Meta for the game. Some of the abilities mentioned are not released yet but I’ll just add them in first.




What is Retaliate?

Retaliate causes all normal Physical attacks to miss (the character with the buff) and counter attack the enemies (Damage depends on the character’s Attack).

The Retaliate Meta is where all other characters attack the character with Retaliate buff on (usually with Double Cut) so that the character will counter attack on the enemies.

The benefit of this build is so that weaker team mates will be able to pull off a higher damage due to the buff.

Who to Equip

Currently, there are only 3 characters that can equip Retaliate; Cloud, Sephiroth and Cyan.

Cyan – 130 Attack at lvl 65
Cloud – 140 Attack at lvl 65
Sephiroth – 153 Attack at lvl 65

Naturally, you will want to use this build on the Highest Attack character. You have to take into consideration of the Weapon, Armor and Bracer Synergy buff.

Weapon and Armor Synergy:

Lv 1-4 = +15
Lv 5-9 = +20
Lv 10-14 = +30
Lv 15-19 = +40
Lv 20-24 = +50
Lv 25-29 = +60
Lv 30 = +70

Character Synergy:

Character Level + 10
Stats addition will roughly be as follow:
Attack/Defense – +20
Magic/Mnd/Resist – +10
Spd +5
HP – + 600~800

After picking your retaliate character, get the following skills buff your character’s attack.
1. Boost – 1.5x Increase damage
2. Haste – Speed up
3. STRUP – 1.6x increase physical damage (In future)

Team Setup

1. Main Attacker – Cloud/Sephiroth/Cyan
2. Main Healer
3. 3 Support equipped with Double Cut and other debuffs.

The Rotation
1. Attacker – cast Retaliate
2. Support 1 – Buff (Boost, Haste)
3. Support 2 – Buff (Reflect/Protectra/Regen/Shellra)
4. Support 3 – Debuff (Armor Break/Paralyze/Silence/Blind)
5. Healer – Heal or Buff
6. All characters to gank your Main Attacker.
7. Tweak the rotation during Boss battles







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  1. Wow this skill is broken.

  2. Can’t believe this exploit made it into the global version. I’m the moderator/owner of the #1 FFRK info site on the interwebs /r/FFRecordKeeper, where I spend all my time making flair icons and being useless in every way possible. Anyways, I fully support discussion of exploits on the subreddit that I own, and feel free to post IMGUR links to your gacha pulls until the front page is packed.

    1. Really Jakets? And Ad?

      What’s wrong with discussing on this site? Why do you have to direct people there?

    2. Will the real Jakets please stand up?
      I repeat will the real Jakets please stand up?
      We’re going to have a problem here.

      1. Nevermind, we’re good.

  3. ^ That is more than likely not actually Jakets

    1. It probably is.

      1. You’re probably right.

  4. Haste on support with Double Cut or on Retaliate Attacker ? i don’t see the point on the Retaliate guy

  5. Interesting, I’m glad to know this. I’m actually only playing the JP version so I actually had no clue what retaliate was lol. That being said, I will now be using this lot probably. Just got the brand new super soul break sword for my Cloud so he’s doing absolutely insane amounts of damage with his now godlike attack (sephiroth who lol). Being able to make him attack like 8+ times per turn? SOLD!

  6. This meta seems official, it’s advised to use it in the “additional information” for the Humbaba fight.

    Retaliate also will always aim for the enemy with the lowest hp%, So you might want to damage your main target before to use it when there are many possible targets.

    1. You sure. I’ve had fight agaisnt anima where retaliate has hit anima first and not its arms.

      1. Retaliate will target anything you target first and use an action on. In case of multiple targets, such as Anima, if you targeted the main body with an action then started your retaliate runs, it would target the main body. Otherwise it would hit the default. In case of Anima it was the right arm.

        1. That is false. I made it all the way to Anima on Heroic, attempted to use the Retaliate Meta strategy but it worked nowhere nearly as well as it did on Hard Anima. My retaliate kept on going for the one remaining arm after I defeated the first one on Heroic, but was consistent on hitting the middle on Hard. I targeted the middle with Retaliate, as well as attacking the middle BEFORE AND AFTER using Retaliate, with the counters still being directed at the arms. So Target/Retaliate is not how it works. I agree with the HP target scenario, it makes more sense that I was hitting Anima more on hard, because there was considerably less HP to chunk down first compared to on Heroic.

        2. I think it goes on who has the lowest percentage. eg cure/ra/ga/ja, if you cast it without choosing who you want to heal, it defauls to healing the char with the lowest % health. Like, say you have a lv20 rydia and a lvl65 Cecil pally.I don’t know their hp numbers so we’re just gonna say rydia has like 1400hm and cecil has like 5000. A cactuar(this is a made up scenario to illustrate a point/idea so just go with it) uses 1000 needles on both of them. So there both down exactly 1000hp. but rydia’s health bad is gonna be in the red and cecil will have a minor chunk taken out. So if cecil uses curaja without picking a target, itll autotarget rydia and heal her.

          So if it’s the same with attacks(btw i notice using double cut as my first attack, it’s much more prone to hit two different people rather than hit 1 twice) and that it targets the target with the most taken out of his bar if you don’t or can’t select who you wanna whack. so maybe, we’ll use anima as an example again, maybe smack anima once and don’t touch the arms. Can’t guarantee it’l work, but thst’d stleast the theory so far

  7. I don’t think Soul Breaks can target allies.. I once clicked Sephiroth on Cloud’s turn to use this strat, and accedentally his hit level 1 Soul Break (I haven’t gotten a character-specific weap just yet), and Cloud hit the enemy instead of Seph.

    It should also be noted that Retaliate puts a temporary buff on the character using it, and the character can use other abilities and attacks while the buff is active and it will persist.

  8. Super Reta Meta: Tyro with Retaliate and Drw Fire.
    1st Draw Fire
    2nd Boost Tyro
    3rd Planet Protector-Aerith SB or RW
    (this order give more atk since planet get 100% of boost).
    4th Retaliate.
    5th Armor Break.
    6th .. Double Cut Tyro.

    1. Come on dude… Tyro suck ass, use Gilgamesh instead, he can do the same! (and even use draw magic if necessary, regarding the fight!)

      1. Gilgamesh wasn’t out when Paulostore made that plan.. just sayin

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