River Lethe

Anybody like Terra Branford? Here’s her event where it will take place at River Lethe.



Event Objective

To complete all 10 levels of the River Lethe Dungeon.

Reward Highlights 

You’ll get lots of random orbs, Mithril and Weapons while completing each stage. Complete the following to acquire special rewards.
Terra – Event Stage 7
3* Bracer (VI) – Event Stage 9
This is the first place where you’ll acquire Major Black Orb

[Character DetailsTerra

ff6_tina Character name Terra Realm FF6
How to get Complete Stage 7 of River Lethe Event Job Magitek Warrior
Special Moves
Dedicated equipment  Enhancer – Trance Fira
Level HP Attk Defense Magic Resistance Mind ACC EVA Speed
Initial value 1 200 8 7 12 11 8 20 20 92
Maximum value 50 3350 71 58 120 102 78 22 22 118
Weapon Dagger / Sword / Rod
Protective gear Shield / Gat / helmet / light armor / armor / robe / Bracer
Accessories Equipment possible
Ability Black magic (5), the white magic (3), Support(4)



The recommended level to complete this event is Level 30 with 1500 minimum HP.
There are 2 sets of bosses that you will fight repeatedly throughout the stages. The first Boss ffrk_event4_boss2  is afraid of lightning attacks.

You’ll fight the main Boss (Othos) 3 times throughout the dungeon. It gets more complicated each time you face the boss. It’s best that you have high damage PHYSICAL abilities. ffrk_ff6_event_boss1 You can check out my ability multiplier here.

Fire and Lightning can be useful. DO NOT EQUIP WATER.
You might want to bring along Blinda as some monsters can cast blind.

Use the Retaliate meta

Floor Guide:

First few levels are easy, you don’t need much levels to clear them. Generally Bosses are weak against Lightning or Fire spells.


[Stage 7] 

[Total required stamina: 21]

Name Stamina Stage number Empirical value
5 3 1270
5 3 1314
5 3 1278
6 4 1951
[Emerging enemy]
[Boss Battle] Orthos (Medium)  ~ 7300 HPAbilities

Attk Single Physical Attack
Corner Special Physical Attack to single target (dark attack)
The octopus Physical Attack to Single target
Geodude Physical attack to Singe target (chance to cast confuse)
Hale Stone Damage a percentage of target’s HP
Triggered with a certain probability to fire attribute attack
Counter Large damage of Fire attribute magic attack to single target
Triggered with a certain probability for lightning attack
Counter Large damage of Lightning attribute magic attack to single target
Triggered with a certain probability for ice attribute attack
Counter Large damage of Ice attribute magic attack to single target



Orthos Weak/ Medium / Strong
Fire Weakness
Thunder Weakness
Water Absorb

This is the second time you’ll face this boss. General stats has increase but it’s resistance to magic spells remain the same.

-Suggested party level = 20
– Although Othos is weak against Lightning and Fire, it will counter you with powerful “ga” spells when it’s struck by magic attacks. For lower level players, you might want to cast Fire damage on him once (to get the special condition score) and deal physical attacks for remainder of his life.

Master reward Power Wrist (VII) × 1, Lesser Summoning Orb × 3
Clear reward Gil × 2000
First clear reward Tina × 1, Lesser Holy Orb × 3
Special score conditions Exploit the Othos weakness to Fire attacks.


[Stage 10] 

[Total required stamina: 51]

Hierarchy Stamina Lien Chan number Empirical value
10 3 2022
10 3 1955
10 3 2082
10 3 2082
11 4 3022
[Emerging enemy]
[Boss Battles] Orthos (strong) ~ 10000-11000 HPAbilitiesAside from all the abilities from it’s normal mode,Orthos Strong has 2 added abilities:

Magnitude 8 Large damage of earth attribute to the entire party
Aqua Breath Large damage of water attribute to the entire party

It is recommended to have a level 30 party with 1500HP or more.
Similar to the Normal mode, you might want to cast fire damage on him only once to acquire the special conditions score as he counters “ga” rank magical spells when attacked by magic abilities. Use high multiplier physical abilities to finish him off. The boss will cast strong AOE abilities randomly throughout the fight thus fighting this with a low level party is really not recommended.

Master reward Adamantite (medium) × 3, Greater Black Orb × 1
Clear reward Gil × 5000
First clear reward Holy Orb × 3, Mithril × 1
Special score conditions Exploit the Othos weakness to Fire attacks.



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  1. This page lists Terra’s abilities as 5* Black Magic, 3* White Magic & 4* Physical; however the Character Usable Abilities page/chart lists her has having 4* Support rather than Physical. Which is correct?

    1. it’s support I’ve changed the error thanx 🙂

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