“Roaming Warrior” – A Friend System ‘Soul Break’ list

So, the game is currently undergoing maintenance in which we get the “Roaming Warrior” system (More commonly just known as the Friend System).


This system allows you to bring in the Soul Break of a Friend, and use that in addition to the ones your characters have equipped. It cannot be recharged or refilled during the battle like regular ones (Although Mythril revives might refill it, I’m not actually sure). You start off with 1 Charge of the SB, and I believe once you have enough Friends you’re allowed to use 2 charges (This may change for us, and I may have understood this incorrectly, but I’m positive we only get 2 uses at best.)


Notable Soul Breaks

These are the Soul Breaks you will most likely want to get from your friends, and in turn give to your friends if you have them. There may be some that aren’t on this list you may want, these are just all the noteworthy ones I could think of during the Maintanence.


Since you most likely don’t have weapon relics, you should take special note of the “Default SB” ones. Some of these are very useful, and allow you to help out your friends even if you’ve not been lucky with the pulls.


  • Tyro “Sentinel Grimoire Relic” – 60% Damage Reduction for ? Turns.
  • Tyro “Healing Grimoire Relic” – AoE Heal (Uses 2 by default though, unsure how this translates to friend summon)
  • Wakka “Official Ball Relic” – Enemies receive an additional 40% damage.
  • Vanille “Default SB” – Small damage, Mental Break on all enemies.
  • Vanille “Blinding Rod Relic” – Small damage, Armour Break on all enemies.
  • Aerith/Aeris “Guard Stick Relic” – AoE Heal
  • Paladin Cecil “Default SB” – AoE Physical Shield
  • Paladin Cecil “Shield Relic” – Taunts Enemies/redirects attacks
  • Celes “Default SB” – AoE Magical Shield
  • Celes “Soul Sabre Relic” – Absorbs Magic attacks to recharge skills
  • Gordon “Default SB” – Raises the users stats (** Use on the character you want the buffs on**)
  • Luneth “Default SB” – Raises the users Attack (** Use on the character you want the buffs on**)
  • Bard “Default SB/Harp Relic” – Raises the parties ATK (Harp effect is stronger, and a Mastery Reward)
  • Rinoa “Valkyrie Relic” – Three high damage Lightning Magic Attacks
  • Rydia “Ice Whip Relic” – Summons Shiva
  • Warrior of Light “Default SB” – Raises users ATK, DEF, MAG, RES. (** Use on the character you want the buffs on**)



The list of friends you can take into a dungeon refreshes after you clear a room, so if you need a specific friend and they’re not showing up in your list, go clear one of the 1 Stamina stages and check again.

Updated: June 7, 2015 — 3:59 pm


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  1. I dont get it.

    If i add someone to my friendlist, how can i choose him to get his Soul Break?

    In the List at the beginning of each dungeon are always random Roaming warriors but not the guys from my flist…

    1. If you add a friend you use whatever soul break he has set up in his profile.

      The list will be random, and the more friends you have, the fewer the chances are that the one you want will be the one that immediately shows up on the list. Which is why it might be a good idea to add several people who use that particular character/ability.

      1. Ah okay, thx.

        I hoped i could chose form my f-List, but in this case it seems to be smart, to add several people with the same SB, as u said. Thx!

  2. Hi, zephryl, I can confirm that Tyro’s sentinel grimoire last as long as Protectga.
    It is more effective to use Protectga for the first layer then boost with sentinel grimoire for the second layer The party’s defense will increase significantly.
    It is less effective to use Sentinel Grimoire for the first then protectga for the second.

    I can also confirm that Cecil’s Rampart does not raise party’s defense as much as sentinel grimoire.

    But becareful, Rampart and sentinel Grimoire will reset each other.

  3. sentinel grimoire also increases resistance.
    So, Protectga + Shelga + Sentinel Grimoire will be the best. 🙂

  4. Protectga will give bright gold light on the characters. If sentinel grimoire and protectga are used at the same time, then when the gold light is gone, sentinel grimoire effect ends.

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