SSSB Fest! The moment you’ve been waiting for!



Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5



Each Relic in Detail

Phase #1

5x 1.58 Physical attacks to one target, party gains +50% DEF (25s)

Phase #2

8x 2.24 magic Holy attacks to one target

Phase #3

Restores HP to all allies (h85), restore 1 ability use at random)

Phase #4

Restores HP to all allies (h50), party gains Reraise (revive with 40% HP)

8x 1.00 Physical attacks to one target (multiplier increases as HP decreases)

4x 3.56 magic Dark attacks to all targets

Phase #5

3x 2.00 Physical attacks to all targets, party gains Heavy Regen


Which phase are you going for?


Updated: March 15, 2016 — 10:38 am


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  1. Clicking on Vanille’s “Physician Staff” video link takes me to Locke’s SSB, and clicking on Locke’s takes me to hope’s. xD;;

    1. Yes, I need to redo the links. Please give me some time!

  2. Phase 5 looks best.

  3. Pecils Lustrous Sword (Phase 4) only gives a +10 HP after mastering?
    Though it was +100 back when it was issued first.
    DeNa is drunk again 🙂


    1. i’m remembering it was +300 HP on japan banner

    2. Mine said +300. Gave me +300 how when mastered.

    3. Probably they did a mistake, because it surely is +300

    4. It actually gives hp+500..i just pull it in half price 11x lucky rd today

      1. Sori actually wrong

    5. Pecils? Sounds like you had a few with DeNa! Haha

      1. Pecil is peoples short form of saying “Paladin Cecil” to differentiate between the 2 versions of the same character

  4. For my money 5>3>4>1>2. Have almost 400 mythril saved up for this…hope I get some luck!

  5. No Vega or Thyrus. Well, that gives me more mythril to pull on the X, FFT, and II banners.

    Planning to do 2×11 + 100 gem pull on #5, x11 on #1, and MAYBE x11 on #4.

    1. You should go for the red scorpion on quistis since its a boon plus major regen. thats phase 1.

  6. a few minor things i’d like from all, but It’s gonna have to be dumped on banner 5 for sentinel :/

  7. Meh! i wanted thyrus… i mean not that would get it haha rng… but c’mon! i wanted to try ):! i guess ill pull on 1° i dont like the other banners D:! such a picky person… XD

  8. Didn’t I see Luneth on here the other day?

    1. It wans’t confirmed… They just brought the jap version back then… But global is always different, just like begginer’s choice SB.

  9. I’m going with 4>1>2>5>3.

    Going for 4 and 2 because of the re-raise ability which is supposed to be really good for the abyss dungeons. 4>2 because of FFV moore’s branch SB. then in phase 1 i want quistis and i also need more FFV weapons. Phase 5 again for FFV weapons and that wizard rod which i heard stacks with sentinel grimoire and shell.

    1. Yeh, i do have Eiko’s on jap and it rocks! On hard dungeons… But I gotta spens what i have on phase 5, no SG or other popular mitigation.. So sad i got sG+ reraise heal and other great stuff on jap version

      1. Yea i got lucky and got the SG in the last SB fest. It’s been a great help keeping me alive

  10. ehm… Hype for what… I was aiming for Rydia+Rosa in banner 2 🙁

  11. It would be super nice to have relevant stats at level 20, video links, or at the very least SB descriptions for everything on the banners. Some of these relics came out months ago and I can’t remember what half of them do let alone their multipliers.

    That said 5 is the clear winner for featuring all three parts of the “Holy Trinity” and some very strong damage relics in addition. After that for me personally 1 and 4 are very good then 2 and 3 are lagging notable further behind.

  12. I wasn’t waiting for it because I know I will just roll shiet. Just give me more character event for myth.

  13. Phase 5 looks the best but I already have Sentinels Grimoire U.u

  14. I thought these draws would begin with the Orb event.

  15. Nope, this is an April fools joke. We aren’t getting this.

  16. Hey guys, save money and mislils for FFT event.
    Ramza’s showting will rock you!

  17. Oh no where has the celes love gone to i was hoping her ruinic weapon would come up

  18. I had to go and use all my Mythril on the lucky banners. I got some decent stuff. But now I have 0 chance at getting the stuff I want.

  19. Got 450 saved for phase 2, going to try for Hope’s SSB> If I get it I’ll go to phase 5

    1. Got it with 100 gems

  20. White Rose Duelist

    I’m on about 300 mythril now. I definitely want at least one attempt for Yuna’s BSB, but I haven’t decided if I want to try each of these once or load up on a couple phases with my favorite characters. Probably phase 4, since Locke, Vivi and Cecil are among my favorite characters and Aerith’s SSB looks really useful.

    1. White Rose Duelist

      Not bad… 2 Mace of Zeus, Lustrous Sword, 2 Drill (plus one from a prior event), Moore Branch… and 2 SOLDIER Sword, because even this event needs a crap 5*.

  21. Will it be 25 or 50 mythril?

  22. There is no Full Metal Rod in phase 1.


  24. I’m debating if I should try to get Rinoa’s Cardinal or not. I’ve been saving for Squall’s upcoming Burst Soul Break. I have 300 mythril at the moment, aiming for 400 for Edea’s event. Think if I use 50 for phase 5 I would still make those 400? I’ve tried so many times for the Cardinal. Also anyone knows if it will be up again in the future?

  25. So far I have gotten Yuna and Rinoa ssbs.

    U got lulu’s mog, ss2, sabin glove…

    Its all been very awesome.

    Happy Anniversary FFRK!

    1. Heh.. not rinoa.
      Yuna and quistis ssbs.

  26. I got SG from the lucky draws, so I’ll go for phase 3. It has the SSB’s for all the characters that I could use one (Lightning, Cloud and Gilgamesh)

  27. Im heading for 4 aerith ssb, lockes ssb, vivi ssb, and kefka lamia flute (7 star)

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