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Check out Enlir’s spreadsheet for details on the Soul Breaks!

Translations below courtesy of CareerSMN:


Phase 1

Relic Character Soul Break/Legend Materia
Zwill Crossblade

Locke (VI) LCSSB “Atomic Dive” 11xST Fire physical dmg, enemy DEF/RES -50%, activate Fire Chain
Rune Axe

Ingus (III) LCSSB “Unbreakable Steel” 11xST Earth physical dmg, party Guts, activate Earth Chain
Platinum Hammer

Galuf (V) USSB “Inspiring Effort” Party ATK/MAG +30% and Haste, EnEarth
Kaiser Knuckles Zeta

Yda (XIV) USSB “Tornado Kick” 8xST Earth/Fire physical dmg, EnFire, self Instant Cast Monk 3 and Physical Blink 3

Guy (II) BSSB “Gigant Break” 6xAoE Earth/Non-ele physical dmg, Imperil Earth, Burst Mode
Thieves’ Knife

Locke (VI) BSSB “Mirage Phoenix” 5xAoE Fire/Holy physical dmg, Imperil Fire, Burst Mode
Aegis Shield

Ingus (III) BSSB “Oathsworn Espada” 4xAoE Earth/Non-ele physical dmg, self ATK/DEF +30%, EnEarth, Burst Mode
Kaiser Knuckles

Yda (XIV) BSSB “Forbidden Chakra” 8xST Fire/Non-ele physical dmg, enemy Full Breakdown, Burst Mode

Tifa (VII) BSSB “Meteor Crusher” 8x ST Earth Physical attacks, En-Earth, Burst Mode^

Sabin (VI) BSSB “Perdition’s Phoenix” 7~10xST Fire/Non-ele physical dmg, no. of hits scales with ATK, EnFire, Burst Mode
Locke’s Armguard

Locke (VI) Legend Materia “Passionate Treasure Hunter” Start battle with EnFire
Genji Shield

Ingus (III) Legend Materia “Loyal Spirit” Low chance to reduce damage taken by a medium amount when equipped with a shield
Monsoon Jinpachi

Prishe (XI) SSB “Rigorous Reverie” Medica 40% MaxHP, party Guts and High Regen

Sabin (VI) SSB “Soul Spiral” Medica 40% MaxHP, Party Esuna and DEF +100%


Phase 2

Relic Character Soul Break/Legend Materia

Zack (VII) LCSSB “Lucky Star” Party ATK +50% and High Critical, activate Wind-element Limit Chain
Double Edge

Tidus (X) LCSSB “A Fleeting Dream” 11xST Water physical dmg, party Quickcast 2, activate Water Limit Chain
Lamia Flute

Eiko (IX) USSB “Guardian Mog” 0CT Medica h85, party Guts and Haste
Tidal Knuckles

Rikku (X) USSB “Hyper Mighty G” Party ATK/MAG +30%, Protect, Haste, Shell
Rune Blade

Zack (VII) BSSB “Meteor Shots” 8xST random Wind/Earth physical dmg, Imperil Wind, Burst Mode

Tidus (X) BSSB “Abes All-star” 5xAoE ranged Water/Non-ele physical dmg, EnWater, Burst Mode

Zidane (IX) BSSB “Solution 9” 9xST random ranged Wind/Non-ele physical dmg, EnWind, Burst Mode
Arc Mirage

Meia (I) BSSB “Summon Famfrit” 6xAoE Water/Non-ele summon magic dmg, EnWater, Burst Mode
Demon’s Rod

Emperor (II) BSSB “Winds of War” 6xAoE Wind/Dark magic dmg, EnWind, Burst Mode
Rikku’s Dagger

Rikku (X) BSSB “Machinations” 10xST random Water ranged physical dmg, Imperil Water, Burst Mode
Shinra Beta+

Zack (VII) Legend Materia “SOLDIER’s Chase” Medium chance to activate “Soldier’s Pursuit” (1xST Wind physical dmg) when using Celerity abilities
Tidus’ Armguard

Tidus (X) Legend Materia “Moonflow’s Blessing” Start with EnWater
Fujin’s Jacket

Fujin (VIII) SSB “Zan” 0CT 8xST Wind/Non-ele magic dmg, EnWind
Cat-ears Hat

Meia (I) SSB “Elan Vital” 9xST Water/Ice/Non-ele magic dmg, self Quickcast Magics 4

Phase 3

Relic Character Soul Break/Legend Materia

Rinoa (VIII) LCSSB “Shiva” 11xST summon magic Ice dmg, party Quickcast 2, activate Ice Limit Chain
Iridal Staff

Shantotto (XI) LCSSB “Frightening Lightning” 11xST Lightning magic dmg, activate Lightning-element Limit Chain
Artemis Bow

Fran (XII) USSB “Scream of the Netherworld” 6xAoE Ice/Dark ranged physical dmg, enemy Imperil Ice, party Quickcast 2
Keeper’s Frock Coat

Tyro (Core) USSB “Warder’s Apocrypha” Party Status Ailment Blink, HP Stock 2000, Haste, self Instant Cast 2

Snow (XIII) BSSB “The Hero is Coming!” Party ATK/MAG +30% and Haste, Burst Mode
Crystal Cross

Rinoa (VIII) BSSB “Angel Wing Icetomb” 8xAoE Ice/Non-ele magic dmg, EnIce, Burst Mode

Lightning (XIII) BSSB “Focused Bolts” 8xST random Lightning/Non-ele physical dmg, enemy Imperil Lightning, Burst Mode
Ramuh Staff

Garnet (IX) BSSB “Thunderlord’s Ordeal” Party ATK/MAG +30%, AoE Imperil Lightning, Burst Mode
Edea Valkyrie

Edea (VIII) BSSB “Maelstrom” 8xST Ice/Dark magic dmg, EnIce, Burst Mode

Desch (III) BSSB “Ancient Thunderclap” 5xAoE Lightning/Non-ele magic dmg, EnLightning, Burst Mode
Institute Hat

Tyro (Core) Legend Materia “Keeper’s Insight” Start battle with Instant Cast 2
Arm Warmer

Rinoa (VIII) Legend Materia “Fated Witch” Up to small MAG up based on no of Black Magic abilities used.

Laguna (VIII) SSB “Freezing Barrage” 7xAoE Ice ranged physical dmg, Imperil Ice
Ancient Sword

Desch (III) SSB “Roiling Memories” 6xST random Lightning/Non-ele magic dmg, Imperil Lightning, self MAG +30%


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