Synergy Boost

Weapon and Armor Synergy:

Lv 1-4 = +15
Lv 5-9 = +20
Lv 10-14 = +30
Lv 15-19 = +40
Lv 20-24 = +50
Lv 25-29 = +60
Lv 30 = +70

Character Synergy:

Character Level + 10
Stats addition will roughly be as follow:
Attack/Defense – +20
Magic/Mnd/Resist – +10
Spd +5
HP – + 600~800


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  1. Is it possible to somehow calculate what will be weapon or armor stats with synergy?

    1. I found a page someone made with a stat calculator. It’s a little cumbersome to use (aka too much trouble to explain here) but you can pretty much figure out how your team and their gear will synergize. The site is also loaded with a bunch of other info, though I’ve noticed some pages/charts have become broken in the last few days (probably after the owner updated some things)

      Anyway,heres the site:

  2. my calculation doesn’ give the same result. I get +72 for a ffV dagger 3++ and +78 for a ffv bow 4++. where can I get the exact stats boost for weapon?

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