To Slay a Sorceress (Re-issue): Bonus Battles

【To Slay a Sorceress】- Bonus Battles


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Reward Highlights


Parade Float +

[Total required stamina: 79]

Mastery Reward Major Fire Orb x4, Major Growth Egg x1
Completion reward Gil × 30000
First Completion Reward Quezacotl, Greater Black Orb x8

NOTE: Ethers are NOT a guaranteed drop in this boss rush.

Trash No bosses. Stamina 19, Stages 3, experience value 6000
Special score conditions
Grat / Grand Mantis / Gesper / Forbidden
Elemental Weaknesses
Fire Grat / Forbidden
Ice Grat / Grand Mantis
Lightning Grand Mantis
Water Grand Mantis
Holy Forbidden
Poison Gesper
BOSS 1 Iguion x2 Stamina 20, Stages 1, experience value 5000
Special score conditions (i) Defeat Iguion without being KO’d
~55000 each
Use your quakes if you have them, otherwise use Power Break + Protectga to reduce incoming damage.
BOSS 2 Seifer Stamina 20, Stages 1, experience value 3000
Special score conditions (i) Afflict Seifer with Slow.
(ii) Exploit Seifer’s weakness to poison attacks.
Get ready for a long fight.If you brought an Angel Wing Quake RW (or have one yourself), the Slow medals are in the bag. Otherwise bring Slowga.Make sure to Power+Magic Break and/or Protectga+Shellga and/or Sentinel’s Grimoire to take minimal damage. Seifer hurts a lot!
BOSS 3 Edea Stamina 20, Stages 1, experience value
Special score conditions (i) Defeat Edea without being KO’d
(ii) Win without Rinoa being KO’d
Have Sentinel’s Grimoire ready for this fight, otherwise Magic Break(down) to start off. Keep your party topped so her magic doesn’t overwhelm you.


Video #1:
Video #2:
Video #3:
Video #4:

Recommended abilities: Quake, Biora, Magic Break, Power Break, Protectga/Shellga, Slowga, Leg Shot
Recommended RW: Sentinel’s Grimoire, Angel Wing Quake

Total medals = 51, meaning you can lose a total of 8 medals to get Mastery

The Knight, Fujin & Raijin ++

Part 1 Stamina 20, Stages 1, experience value 5000
Mastery Reward Major Growth Egg x1, Major Non-Elemental Orb x4
Completion Reward Gil × 30000
First Time Completion Greater Black Orb x9, Major Black Orb x4
Special score conditions (i) Defeat Seifer without being KO’d.
(ii) Win without Rinoa being KO’d.
Boss Seifer, Raijin, Fujin
Seifer: ~124000
Raijin: ~112000
Fujin: ~108000
WEAK Poison (All)
ABSORB Lightning (Raijin) / Wind (Fujin)
Debuff Vulnerabilities
Seifer: Slow / Sleep
Silence / Slow / Blind / Sleep
Slow / Blind / Sleep
► Seifer
Attack: Deal physical damage two times to random targets.
Fira: Deal fire damage to all targets.
► Raijin
Attack: Deal physical damage to one target.
Raijin Special: Deal heavy physical damage to one target.
Hi-Potion(Weak state): Recover some HP to one target.
► Fujin
Zan: Deal physical damage to one target.
Aero: Deal wind damage to one target.
Tornado: Deal heavy wind damage to all targets.
Sai: Deal heavy damage to one target, proportional to its HP.
Remedy: Removes debuffs from one target.
Hi-Potion(Weak state): Recover some HP to one target.
If you can get a friend RW with Sheepskin Coat (5★ Light Armor, SB: “Sleeping Gas”, Sleep to all targets) you can “cheese” this fight with it. With all targets slept, you are free to spam AoE spells/summons. You can also sleep them one by one. Not efficient, but still gets the job done.Otherwise, Power Break Raijin and Magic Break Fujin and Slow all of them so you can catch a breather in between turns. You can take down in whatever order you like, with whichever method you prefer, but Quake/summons are definitely a recommended pick when it comes abilities. Check out the videos below for various strategies.

Video #1 (Sleep+Magic/Summon spam):
Video #2:
Video #3
(Sleep+Magic/Summon spam):

Recommended abilities: Power/Magic Break(down), Slowga, Biora, Quake, summons
Recommended RW:
 Sentinel’s Grimoire, Lunatic High, Angel Wing Quake, Mirage Dive, Sleeping Gas

Total medals = 15, meaning you can only afford to lose 2 medals to get Mastery.


written by /u/fattybomchacha aka flip

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  1. Fujin is not vulnerable to silence

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