Tower of Zot – Spire

[9-3] FF4 Tower of Zot – Spire Difficulty 26 

[Total required stamina: 15]

Tower of Zot Pinnacle – 6th Floor
Stamina 7, Stages 5, Experience Value 2780
Tower of Zot Pinnacle – Top Floor
Stamina 8, Stages 5, Experience Value 3103
[Emerging enemy] Bloodbones, Mindflayer, Soldierss, Black Knight
[Boss Battle] BarbaricciaBoss Loot: Chopper (☆ 2)

You need Kain for this fight.
Use Kain’s Jump to interrupt her Whirlwind form before she casts her Tornado.
Casting Black Magic forces her to do a counter on your whole team bringing their HP to 1.


Boss name Barbariccia Advent location FF4 Tower of Zot – Spire
Tolerance Resistance – Earth/Wind
State abnormal tolerance [Normal]
confusion / stop / sleep / petrify / death of sentence / instant death
[Tornado state]
poison / silence / paralysis / confusion / stop / darkness / sleep / petrify
death of sentence / instant death
Behavior patterns [Normal]
Maelstorm (Counter magic attack at a certain probability)
* All party members left 1 HP
[Tornado state]
– Tornado (Deal heavy water damage to one target)
– Ray (Petrify one target)


Master reward Lesser Earth Orb × 5, Stamina Shard × 2
Clear reward Gil × 2000
First clear reward Mythril × 1, Stamina Shard × 1
Special score conditions Disrupt Barbariccia’s tornado form with Jump.
Dungeon release after clear Dwarven Castle

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