Tower of Zot

[9-2] FF4 Tower of Zot Difficulty 24

[Total required stamina: 36]

Tower of Zot – 1st Floor
Stamina 7, Stages 3, Experience Value 1608
Tower of Zot – 2nd Floor Stamina 7, Stages 3, Experience Value 1608
Tower of Zot – 3rd Floor
Stamina 7, Stages 3, Experience Value 1608
Tower of Zot – 4th Floor
Stamina 7, Stages 3, Experience Value 1668
Tower of Zot – 5th Floor
Stamina 8, Stages 3, Experience Value 1991
[Emerging Enemy] Leshy, Bloodbones, Mindflayer, Soldieress
[Boss Battles] Magus Sisters

Boss Loot: Kodachi (☆ 2)

You might want to use Aerith to AOE silence all three of the Sisters to fulfill the Special Score Conditions. However, you can still get full Mastery Reward if you have perfected all the previous stages.

Kill Cindy (mid) first as she will revive the other 2 when they are down. Do take note that Sandy (tall) will cast Reflect on Cindy which makrs the start of their Delta Attack. During Delta Attack, Mindy (short) will cast Thundara, Blizzara, and Fira on Cindy, using Reflect to bounce the spells back at the party.

Boss name Magus Sisters Advent location FF4 Tower of Zot
State abnormal tolerance Paralysis / confusion / Haste / Slow / Stop / sleep / petrify / Doom / instant KO
Behavior patterns [Sandy]
Attack / Heal

Master reward Lesser Lightning Orb × 5, Stamina Shard × 2
Clear reward Gil × 2000
First clear reward Mythril × 1, Stamina Shard x 2
Special score conditions Afflict Sandy, Cindy and Mindy with Silence.
Dungeon release after clear Tower of Zot – Spire

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