Upcoming Record Missions (2nd Ann)

The following MVP Newsletter (Feb) was recently sent out, here are the contents on the upcoming 2nd Anniversary!

■ 2nd Anniversary Orb Dungeons
As part of the 2nd Anniversary celebrations, the Orb Dungeons will be returning from 5:00 PM 3/15 PST! Open for a limited time, the 2nd Anniversary Orb Dungeons offer orbs, EXP and gil; all valuable resources for powering up your party.

■ 2nd Anniversary Record Missions
Also available from 5:00 PM 3/15 PST for a limited time are the new Record Missions! Each of the FINAL FANTASY titles represented in the realm dungeons has its own mission, with a range of rewards for the taking. To coincide with these new missions, Stamina costs are halved in all realm dungeons for a limited time! It’s also a great chance to complete any remaining realm dungeons, and pick up Stamina Shards to raise your maximum Stamina.

■ Mote Dungeons Return
The previously available Mote Dungeons reopen from 5:00 PM 3/1 PST, giving you another chance to earn any unclaimed rewards. Use the 4★ motes to unlock higher level Sphere Skills for your heroes!

To prepare you for the upcoming Record Missions, here is what JP had at the time:
(list courtesy of CareerSMN on the FFRK Subreddit)

Part 1

Record Mission #1:

Clear FFI [Citadel of Trials/試練の城] with a party of Cores only

Record Mission #2:

Clear FFII [Jade Passage/ジェイド] with a party of Firion, Maria, Guy, Leon only

*Must be a 4 man party

Record Mission #3:

Clear FFIII [Castle Saronia/サロニア城] with a party of Luneth, Dragoon1, Ricard, Kain only
1 : Core Dragoon

*Must be a 4 man party

Record Mission #4:

Clear FFIV [Sealed Cave/封印の洞窟] with a party of Paladin Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Rosa, Edge

Rewards for each mission is 1 Mythril

Part 2

Record Mission 5

Clear FFV [Big Bridge/ビッグブリッジ] with a party of Bartz, Lenna, Galuf, Faris only

Record Mission 6:

Clear FFVI [Darill’s Tomb/ダリルの墓] with a party of Celes, Sabin, Edgar, Setzer only

Record Mission 7

Clear FFVII [Midgar Highway/ミッドガル・ハイウェイ] with a party of Cloud, Aerith, Tifa

*Note for this mission, they never specify “only”, but it’s probably safer to do it with just the three of them

Record Mission 8

Clear FFVIII [Galbadia Garden, Part 3/ガルバディアG.3] with a party consisting of not more than 3 FFVIII characters

Rewards are 1 mythril per mission cleared

Part 3

Record Mission 9:

Clear FFIX [Pandemonium 1/パンデモニウム1] with a party consisting of not more than 4 FFIX characters only

Record Mission 10:

Clear FFX [Highbridge/グレート=ブリッジ] with a party consisting of not more than 3 FFX characters only

Record Mission 11:

Clear FFXI [Batallia Downs/バタリア丘陵] with a party consisting of not more than 3 FFXI characters only

Record Mission 12:

Clear FFXII [Light Cruiser Shiva/軽巡洋艦シヴァ] with a party consisting of only FFXII characters

Rewards for each mission are 1 mythril.

Part 4

Record Mission 13:

Clear FFXIII [The Vile Peaks 2/ヴァイルピークス2] with a party consisting of Lightning and Hope only

Record Mission 14:

Clear FFXIV [The Bowl of Embers/炎帝祭跡] with a party consisting of XIV characters only

Record Mission 15:

Clear FFT [Orbonne Monastery/オーボンヌ修道院] with a party consisting of Ramza, Gafgarion, Agrias

FFT does not specify “only” but to 3-man it just to be safe

Rewards for each mission are 1 mythril.

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  1. Record Mission 11: 3 FFXI Characters?

    Did I miss something? We only have 1 FFXI character right now and it’ll be a month or more before we get more.

    1. It will probably be fixed to 1 character for us.


  2. If it is realm dungeons, is it classic and/or elite version of each dungeon?

    1. I would assume its classic. I think they would make it easy for new players and they know that veteran players would wipe the floor with elites anyway. I’d prefer it be both though. that way we get more mythril, but maybe I’m just being greedy.

  3. Wonder if anyone’s mentioned this to the FFRK team via emails. Since while you could potentially load Shantoto up with lots of growth eggs and a fully honed Ruinga, Quake, Meteor, etc the boss does attack twice and can cause paralysis. lol

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